'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Toby and Caleb Play Detective and 'A' Brings Everything Crashing Down
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Toby and Caleb Play Detective and 'A' Brings Everything Crashing Down
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Aria's little brother swore to avenge her honor, possibly via automobile destruction, and Spencer got a first-hand look at the creepy town of Ravenswood. Meanwhile, 'A' used Emily's plan against her and Ashley was arrested for Wilden's murder. In this week's episode, "Crash and Burn, Girl!" Hanna deals with the fallout from Ashley's arrest, and Toby and Caleb join forces to investigate 'A.' Read on to find out what the Pretty Little Liars writers have in store for us this week.

Orange is the New Black

Hanna begins the episode in deep denial about how bad things are for her mom. While visiting Ashley in lock-up, Hanna chats about future plans and Ashley has to burst her bubble by saying that she cannot make plans for anything but what to wear to her upcoming arraignment. On the plus side, this storyline allows the show to take advantage of the current women-in-prison trend and Ashley pulls off prison-orange fairly well.

Hanna finally starts to realize the truth of her situation after Spencer informs her that she overheard her parents talking about Ashley's case, and Mrs. Hastings thinks it would be better if Ashley had killed Wilden. Given Ashley's history with Wilden, she could probably plead to involuntary manslaughter and only spend 20 years in prison rather than be sent away for life. Hanna comes to Ashley suggesting that she plead self-defense, but Ashley refuses to cop to a crime she did not commit, even if it means risking a life-sentence or worse.

The Hardy Boys

Caleb and Toby begin their much-anticipated bromance in this week's episode, as they launch an 'A' investigation all on their own. The boys get a lead on the plane Red Coat flew in on and head to Howell Acres Flight Center to check it out. The guy they speak to at the flight center is Nigel Wright -- the same Nigel Wright who accompanied Jenna to Wilden's funeral earlier this season. Nigel is rather cagey during the questioning, and as soon as the boys leave, he makes a suspicious call.

After failing to get information about Red Coat's flight, Toby shows Caleb the lighter he found after the lodge fire and the boys wonder if the 'NW' on the lighter could refer to Nigel. They head back to Howell to confront Nigel and Nigel claims he was not the pilot that night. After more prodding, Nigel admits that he was paid to create a fake flight plan and spin a story if anyone came asking about the plane. Before running off, Nigel claims that the person who paid him was CeCe Drake.

Though they lose Nigel, Caleb grabs Nigel's phone, and with some help from Spencer, they check the records and learn that Nigel called someone in New York many times, including the night of the fire. Was it CeCe? Given that Nigel appears to be speaking with Jenna at the end of the episode, is she involved as well?

Ezra to the Rescue

Aria's brother is in hot water after the incident with Connor's car, as everyone assumes Mike was responsible. Connor's parents want Mike expelled, though there is no evidence to connect Mike to the crime. Ezra learns about Mike's troubles and wants to help, despite no longer being the person Aria can come to for comfort.

Ezra gets the chance to help when he learns that Vice Principal Hackett stepped over the line by asking Aria if Mike is still taking his meds. Ezra confronts Hackett about his behavior, and his threats are enough to get Hackett to stand up to Connor's parents and refuse to expel Mike without evidence. Aria thanks Ezra for his help, but is Ezra helping Mike out of his love for Aria or did he have something to do with the attack on Connor's car?

Emily Should Stop Trying To Help

Emily is still on the mend after her shoulder injury, and her mother wants her to try an expensive new therapy that could spare her from surgery later on. Unfortunately, Emily blows off her first therapy appointment when she drops by the police station and gets the idea to "borrow" the key to Wilden's apartment. Spencer and Aria accompany Emily on her breaking-and-entering mission, but their search of Wilden's place turns up nothing but the deceased person's porn stash and a message from 'A.'

Yet again, Emily's plan to find another suspect in Wilden's murder back-fires and her mother is suspended from work after the key to Wilden's place goes missing. And things get worse when 'A' crashes a car through the family home. Though Pam and Emily are uninjured, their money troubles are just beginning thanks to Pam's job loss and that impromptu home redesign.

What did you think of this week's episode? Was CeCe on the Red Coat flight or is someone simply using her name to cover their tracks? Did Mike lie to Aria about not destroying Connor's car or was 'A' or Ezra responsible? Can Hanna save Ashley from a life of prison-orange or will someone else come to Ashley's aid? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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