'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Hanna is Left in the Dark
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Hanna is Left in the Dark
The girls entered a pact with Caleb that they will work behind Hanna's back while discovering what happened in the final moments of Allison's life. This week it will be interesting to see if Hanna discovers that her friends and boyfriend are keeping things from her. Additionally, A made it clear that its target for the week is Ezra by burning his pictures in the final moments of last week's episode. The Pretty Little Liars rumor mill has also been heating up over the return of Kate this week.

A is on to Caleb's investigation.

It's finally time for me to touch on the insane amount of sophistication with which Caleb has been able to dissect this cell phone video. A has taken notice of his handiwork, but given the insane clarity with which he zoomed in on that fake ID, it's a wonder the CIA hasn't snatched him up.

A sends a text to Hanna ordering her to have Caleb call off the dogs or else A will tell the police about her mom's illegal financial windfall. It's actually a masterful technique of getting Hanna clued in to all of the different things at hand - she will think Kate is involved with A; she'll know Caleb is still working on the video, and by association that the girls are all involved too.

Kate is a "boil-in-baggy."

Spencer was agonizing trying to place from where she had known Kate. Eventually she realizes that it's from a horse riding camp back in 2006 where one of the counselors sent Spencer an embarrassing picture of one of the girls there - Kate. Spencer promises not to show it to anyone, which lasted about five minutes, before she showed Hanna on a movie night.

This part has a huge flaw in it. These girls are constantly wearing the latest fashions, including that heinous hat Spencer was wearing at the school lunch. So we're to believe either Spencer has had the same phone for six years or she's been keeping track of a picture of a girl she hardly knows covered in a rash. Spencer is my favorite, so I'll hope that it's the former and not the latter. Anyway, Hanna saw the picture of the fake ID and knows everything that's been hidden from her.

Allison goes full-on Laura Palmer.

The fake ID that was uncovered in the cell phone video belonged to someone named Vivienne that looked exactly like Allison with brown hair. Hanna tells Spencer that seeing the picture of the ID jogged her memory of an encounter she had had with a brunette Allison at a salon. Allison let her know that she likes pretending to be someone else because she gets bored with her ordinary life. This isn't the first inkling I've gotten to Pretty Little Liars being a teen girl's version of Twin Peaks, but it's one of strongest given that both slain girls are discovered to be hiding entire alter egos on the side.

A's parting shot for this week is sending a picture of a naked Kate to everyone in Hanna's phone address book. This seems to be a clear attempt to give Kate all the ammunition she needs to take down her step-sister. But A doesn't stop there as we see him or her jimmying the lock to Peter Hastings' office drawer and removing the gun inside.

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