'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Caleb is in A's Sights
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Caleb is in A's Sights
It's been a solid three weeks now that A has laid the foundation for their targeting Caleb. He has spent the majority of that time playing the role of a master hacker divulging the contents of A's recovered cell phone. Last week we saw A slither in and swipe his laptop, so Caleb may soon be bearing the brunt that the tormentor has long been hinting at.

My Name is Jonah

The complicated web Allison had woven for herself and her alter ego Vivienne has started to be uncovered quite a bit in this episode. First we find out that Allison had deciphered that Spencer's father and her mother were having an affair and had been extorting Spencer's dad to the tune of 15,000 dollars in hush money. Right after that we find out what she might have intended to do with those earnings. The man who received the calls from Vivian ends being named Jonah and is a former workerbee at a cell phone company. In exchange for 2,000 dollars he was to identify who was sending messages from A's blocked number, but upon delivering the information, he was never paid and now isn't willing to take that risk again with the girls.

Holden Has a Really Dorky Hobby

After last week's spinning heel kick heard round the world, Aria understandably had questions about where Holden picked up such a skill. He informed her of where he goes off to when the two of them use each other as alibis, but it wasn't really as awe-inspiring as crime fighting would have been. Instead he claims that he goes to some sort of martial arts competitions and the pills he was seen with were just some painkillers he never used. It sure seemed like this was a big fabrication and for the sake of my interest in the character, I really hope it is.

Hanna Cracks the Code

Is it crazy to say that Pretty Little Liars tonight reached a pinnacle of tension usually reserved for big-time thrillers at the box office? Caleb made a hurried phone call to his betrothed saying that he was in a hotspot, which was a term Hanna had asked about previously. This served as a clue to Hanna and the audience that Caleb needed her to recall his password and hack into the laptop while he was in police questioning. Hanna manages at the last second to remember the password and use "Ctrl-A" to erase the incriminating files. It was high tension only broken up by unnecessary cutaways to Holden's dominating at the dojo.

Hanna and Caleb's relationship hit an emotional peak in this episode and solidified their love as the show's standout connection. Their embrace leaving the police station in Garrett's face was touching and made it all the more impactful when we found out the genesis of the "1105!" at the end of Caleb's password. Maya and Emily's relationship, although nowhere near as emotionally riveting, seems to be coming to the forefront of the show's narrative. Emily is seen hoping to reconcile with her as the credits rolled, but she's being watched...perhaps by May-A? It's also worth noting the curious meeting between Jason and Maya earlier in the episode that could ignite questions about his motives.

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