'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: A is Thera-pissed
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: A is Thera-pissed
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With only one episode left until the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale, we knew this week's episode had to be juicy. And boy, did it live up to the juice factor. 

Poor Emily has been targeted for the past few episodes, and this week it came to a head. The girls decided it was time to do something they have never done before: tell someone about A. 

That someone is their therapist Anne, of course, who they seem to have forgiven for that awful period of trial separation. So now, the doctor knows... but will she be able to help the girls before A closes in on her? 

And of course, life always goes on in Rosewood, so amidst bugged therapist offices and death threats, there was plenty of run-of-the-mill Pretty Little Liars drama this week as well. 

Hanna: We had the misfortune of meeting Hanna's sociopath step-sister, Kate, last week. This week she made good on her threats to Hanna by plying her with vodka and more or less making her hurl all over Isabelle's wedding dress. That's gonna be one expensive dry cleaning bill. Kate should watch her back, because bitchiness most certainly runs in the family.

However, it's not all bad news in Hanna-ville. Grandma Marin is in town, with some quick one-liners, and she is completely loyal to her granddaughter. You can just see where Hanna gets her spunk from. 

Emily: Emily is hanging by a thread, and the final straw comes in the form of a picture text. A, once again, tries to blackmail Emily by forcing her to spill the beans about Ezria. This time, Em doesn't give in, and she runs... straight to Anne's office (but more on that in a sec.) 

Despite all of the craziness, Emily manages to have a heart-to-heart with Ashley, and a date with ex-fling, Maya. Who says you can't have fun when there's a psychopath hot on your trail?

Spencer: Spoby is still hot and heavy, but it looks like Mr. Hastings might get in the way. This week we got some answers about his general sketchiness around the DeLaurentis clan. Turns out he did some shady legal work to change the wording of Grandma DeLaurentis's will to reinclude Jason. 

...And why was Jason taken out in the first place? Look's like his little sis manipulated granny into changing it, which seems like a decent enough motive for murder. But, before Spencer can jump to conclusions, daddy makes it very clear that the DeLaurentis' have something on him. Looks like this is a secret Spence needs to keep for the time being.

Aria: Mike officially loses it this week, and takes out his aggression on his poor mom by shoving her against a wall (shouldn't she have learned to defend herself from all those seasons of Charmed?!) This is a breaking point, and Aria comes clean about all of the break-ins. Here's hoping this kid finally gets his act together.

Sidenote: when Aria told her parents the truth, it seemed like she was awfully close to coming clean about Ezra. Close, but no cigar.

Something rare happened on Pretty Little Liars this week: the liars told the truth. But the truth may cost them, and Anne, a whole lot. First Anne gives a lecture on bullying that's about as subtle as A herself (read: not at all.) Then, Anne pieces together who A is, and tries to gather the girls in her office. Too bad A was on her A-game, and is always a step A-head. 

When the girls arrive, Anne is missing and they receive a dark and twisted text reading: the doctor is out. A then gets her hands on the girls' files and the bug she (or he or they) planted in a Freud bobblehead. Will Anne get out of this alive? Will she be able to spill about A? Who knows! But as long as A is involved, nobody is safe.

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