'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Cereal Killer
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Cereal Killer
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On Pretty Little Liars, nothing is sacred. A has complete access to sealed cereal containers, closed massage sessions and therapy offices (not to mention hospital rooms and morgues, of course) But, worst of all, A might just be a whole group of psychopaths. And it's not just A who is completely insane. This week introduced and reintroduced a whole bevy of clinically crazy characters, ranging from Hanna's stepsister-to-be to the N.A.T. club consisting of Jason, Ian and Officer Garrett and their voyeuristic tendencies.

No one is safe this week. Emily is number one on A's list, Hanna has some serious family drama, Spencer's uncovering more and more about Ali's murder and Aria seems to be in trouble with Jason. In true Pretty Little Liars style, everyone seems to be ... well, lying.

Emily: Em is the A-proclaimed weakest of the bunch, and thus the easiest to snap. In a so bad it's good moment, A made her way into Emily's lunchtime Alpha Bits, professionally resealing the packaging and leaving Emily only with the letter As. Brilliant? Yes. Seems like way too much effort even for a sociopath like A? Definitely.

Emily decides it's time to come clean to Tory Burch loving therapist, Anne, but A once again tries to put a stop to that by sneaking into Emily's massage to demonstrate how easy it is for A to literally get her hands on her. 

Hanna: Good girl Hanna decides to make nice with her future stepfamily. She and Mona attempt to bond with Kate, Isabelle's daughter. This leads them to a very awkward horseback riding session with Kate's friend (including Margaux, who Hanna humorously refers to as Mar-gocks...) where Hanna unintentionally broadcasts her less-than-flattering opinions of her new family. Kate overhears and is seemingly mad. However, she doesn't tell Hanna's dad. Instead she implies that Hanna is now her bitch--or really, her horse-- and that she is Hanna's master. Psychotic, right? She makes Melissa seem like the ideal older sis. 

Spencer: Always the Nancy Drew of the bunch, Spencer must put Ian's belongings together before Melissa returns. Naturally she snoops around a bit and discovers the N.A.T Club. Though I had a fun time playing around with these initials, it turns out they stood for: "Nos Animadverto Totus", which is Latin for "We see all". Spencer deduces that Ian wasn't the only one who loved taking pictures, and maybe Jason killed Ali for the same reason they all thought Ian did...to stop those videos from getting out. 

Meanwhile, Spencer is getting increasingly nervous about her tiny friend Aria ("you're so tiny...I love you!") and her relationship with Jason. She turns to Ezra Fitz for some help, but this naturally leads to some trouble.

Aria: Aria tries to make it work with Ezra even though Jason kissed her last week. This becomes slightly easier when she realizes that Jason has been taking stalker photos of her. However, on Pretty Little Liars it's never that easy. Jason claims the photos were Alison's, and that he's just a normal guy with a creepy dark room. Hmm...

Aria comes clean to Ezra about the kiss,and it ends up strengthening their relationship. After he "saves her" from "dangerous" Jason, they decide to come clean to Aria's parents. In an unfortunately timed scenario, Ella watched as Spencer and Ezra talked about the problem in his car, and assumed that they were hooking up. She makes it known that she is not okay with this, leaving Aria uncomfortable. Oh, the pretty little irony.

Though last week's episode painted Jason as a bad guy, this week it's simply too hard to tell. Is this N.A.T. club really as perverted as they appear? Are they a combined A? 

Jenna's omni-creepy presence was felt strongly this week, and she continued to hint to the "Jason thing." What is it that Jenna, Garrett and Jason are hiding? Will Jenna be even creepier with her sight restored? 

Most importantly, the therapist's return seems to be very important, partly because of Aria's messed up little brother, but mostly because she will play a huge part in the A storyline. In fact, at the end of the episode, it appeared that Anne had "A" suspicious new client. Will we finally get some answers in the last two episodes of summer, or will we be left as in the dark as Jenna?

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