ABC Family Roundup: 'Switched at Birth' Details, 'Liars' Marathon, 'Ravenswood' Adds to Cast
ABC Family Roundup: 'Switched at Birth' Details, 'Liars' Marathon, 'Ravenswood' Adds to Cast
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ABC Family is gearing up for the highly anticipated return of Switched at Birth and Pretty Little Liars by launching a special marathon and letting fans know what to expect on the season premiere of two of the network's signature series. Moreover, Pretty Little Liars spin-off series Ravenswood has welcomed three series regulars.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

Regina Returns on Switched at Birth

When Switched at Birth resumes its second season on Monday, June 10 at 8pm, fans can expect the return of Regina, who attempts to wiggle her way into Daphne's life after spending time at rehab. But this sudden twist can't be easy for Daphne since she's been living with the Kennish family and has grown closer to them-- something that Regina does not approve. Bay, on the other hand, deals with the return of her ex-boyfriend Ty while Travis tries to convince Emmet to party while Melody is away.

Can't remember where Switched at Birth last left off? ABC Family will be airing a marathon at 2pm so fans can catch up on previous episodes just before the summer premiere.

A Liars Guide to Rosewood

ABC Family is also giving old and new fans of Pretty Little Liars a chance to catch up on all the drama by summing up all three previous seasons of the series through a one-hour marathon  called Pretty Little Liars: A LiArs Guide to Rosewood, which kicks off on June 4 at 8pm. This special will not only recap the Liars' history with "A" but also feature a new voice over from Mona.

But the most anticipated reveal comes on Tuesday, June 11 at 8pm when Pretty Little Liars returns for its fourth season. Not only will fans finally learn what's in the controversial trunk, the town of Rosewood will face yet another shocking discovery in the episode entitled "A is for A-l-i-v-e." Meanwhile, the Liars seek answers from Mona while "A" makes plans for Toby.

Meet the Stars of Ravenswood

Ravenswood has finally found some of its main players. Brett Dier (The L.A. Complex) has been cast as mysterious lone wolf Abel while model Elizabeth Whitson will play Abel's twin Olivia. In addition, Merritt Patterson has been cast as Tess, Olivia's former best friend.  As reported previously, Abel and Olivia will be joining Tyler Blackburn's Caleb Rivers during the annual Pretty Little Liars special Halloween episode.  Ravenswood, which revolves around a town's deadly curse, is set to premiere in October.

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