'Pretty Little Liars' Picked Up for Season 5, Gets Spin-Off: 'Ravenswood'
'Pretty Little Liars' Picked Up for Season 5, Gets Spin-Off: 'Ravenswood'
Today marks the first Tuesday without Pretty Little Liars in a long time. And after the season 3 finale, the show left fans wanting more. So many twists and turns and reveals and mystery that our heads are still spinning.

Today ABC Family announced via twitter that Pretty Little Liars is getting its own spin-off, Ravenswood. The show will premiere this October, following the Pretty Little Liars annual Halloween special.

The town, not far from Rosewood follows five strangers connected by a fatal curse that has been around for generations. The group must dig into the towns past in order to save themselves. 

Check out the first trailer below: 

Shaking with excitement yet? Well before we get to Pretty Little Liars season 4 spoilers it has also been announced that Pretty Little Liars has been picked up for season 5. 

Long Live Toby

Janel Parrish sat down with Keegan Allen to discuss Spoby's future, what it was like to read the finale script and find out his character wasn't dead and the never ending questions of Pretty Little Liars. And what about Mona, is she going to join forces with the Liars?

It looks like we're not the only ones wondering: Who knocked out Toby? Is Alison alive?  Who is in the trunk? We may be debating for the next three months but Janel Parrish promises, just seconds into the season 4 premiere we'll have the answer. 

Season 4 Casting 

Entertainment Tonight recently announced that Ryan Guzman from Step Up Revolution will guest star in season four as Jake, Aria's martial arts instructor. 

It's also been announced that the Rosewood police force gets a new hire.

Pretty Little Liars on Twitter

If you're not following the cast of PLL on Twitter and Instagram, you should be. Last week we posted photos from the set with all the links to the Liars' accounts. Get ready for some mini-me's. 

Marlene King has been tweeting photos from the set of Pretty Little Liars season 4 too. Is that the police car that just won't sink outside of the church or someone else's? 

There's also a photo of the house that was burning in the season three finale. The Liars may have skipped calling 911 to report a fire, but someone puts it out. 

And with this cryptic photos King askes, who lives here? Hmmm 


Pretty Little Liars returns June 11 on ABC Family. 

(Images courtesy of ABC Family Twitter)