'Platinum Hit' High Five: 'Wheels Up'
'Platinum Hit' High Five: 'Wheels Up'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Platinum Hit, "Wheels Up."

Roadtrip! This week, contestants were challenged to write a personal song about the time- honored traditions of road trips. The short challenge hook? A road trip challenge in which each contestant must write a hook about a specific word; some were more abstract (escape, change) while others were more literal (road). Hook winners Jackie, Jess, and Johnny impressed the judges, but Johnny's song about escape wowed the judges. He got to pick his entire team (Johnny, Brian, and Scotty) first while Jess chose Amber and Melissa and Jackie chose Karen, Sonyae and Nick. It's about to get literal. For preparation for their road trip song, teams rode in a car to a 'one-star motel' to do the bulk of their songwriting.

At the judges table or line, there was guest judge Natasha Bedingfield! Team Johnny worked cohesively and had some really solid lyrics, winning the challenge; Team Jess had nice vocal arrangements and a very poetic song, albeit not very road trip according to the judges; but Team Jackie missed the mark with generic lyrics and missed musical motifs. Down to team leader Jackie and contributor Karen, the judges needed to decide between the bad lyricists. In the end, aspiring folk/pop/country songwriter Karen was sent home after being in the bottom last week.

High Five Highlights:

5. Nasty Narcissistic Nick: Nick isn't here to make friends -- which is a stupid strategy considering this a songwriting competition based on collective efforts. Yet in spite his outward aggression towards the other contestants, many comment on his surprising musical and collaborative talents. This show needs a villain and who better than a hated narcissist. Also, did you see how he basically ran away after he was in the clear; I love to hate this guy.

4. Motel: The described 'one-star hotel' by a contestant really did feel like a place where a lot of these musicians probably have worked. The moldy comforter, the stained furniture, the beer in the fridge -- all are essentials for a working class musician.

3. Star-Crossed Songwriters: Hook winners Jess and Johnny are crushing on each other. How cute! Nothing better than an intra-competition romance to spark up some tension!

2. Natasha Bedingfield: I miss her catchy singles I would sing in the shower! Though I was at first puzzled by her appearance for this episode (road trips), I soon realized that this is a show about catchy hooks and lyrics that are personal -- all of which she specializes in.

1. Instruments Aboard Watching the contestants sing, strum, and play all the while in the car made me smile. The giant keyboard across Jess' lap as she tried to play while moving was very amusing.


- Do the individual singing talents of the songwriters factor in whether or not it is a hit? I couldn't help but think yes when some of the better singers were up performing.

- What lyrics were truly terrible tonight?

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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