'Platinum Hit' High Five: 'Kiss the Flame'
'Platinum Hit'  High Five: 'Kiss the Flame'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Platinum Hit, "Kiss the Flame."

Before the hook: Jes is upset about Johnny being gone; Nick's in heaven. Since romance is dead, the hook challenge this week is empowerment. At first I thought girl power? Spice Girls! And then it was explained to be more like an anthem with the phrase 'Kiss the Flame.' Revelations: Scotty takes second place and Brian wins the hook challenge. Twist! The winner gets a feature in Spin Magazine because Doug Brod (Editor in Chief) was the hook guest judge! Self-promotion at its best. Brian picks Jes and passes over Nick, giving Scotty the dream team with Sonyae. Colbie Caillat is a guest judge (her name is really hard to spell). Scotty's team thinks their song is a miss--it's not, but nice attempt at humility, guys. Brian and Jes have the losing song--Jes kisses the flame (she gets enough fire in her to stay) and Brian bites the dust (he leaves, he doesn't die).

High Five Highlights:

5. Jes I never really thought much about Jes--other than 'Regina Spektor hipster in love.' Now, I realize that Johnny really took away from her awesomeness. Without Johnny, I felt Jes' character and songwriter shined. I liked that some feistiness came out; she mocked Nick and other tools and brought honesty in her frustrations and opinion. Jes disclosed being sexually assaulted--not something people say on television, let alone real life. So her role as working on a song about survivors was quietly strong and inspiring. I name her MVP of the week for being noticeable and fighting for her spot.

4. 'Kiss the Flame' Anthem Optimism in songwriting was a lot harder to write this week than a song about scorned lovers or 'real' relationships. Forcing the contestants to confront emotional subjects not dealing with love but empowerment was a nice, needed change.

3. Weird Observations It has taken me eight episodes to confirm that Nick has two different eye colors. I suspected, I hallucinated, I denied, but he really does have two different eye colors (one is brown and the other is blue). And what was with the Johnny-beanie he was sporting? Ugh, I watch this show too closely.

2. Scotty's Reaction When his team wins, Scotty can't believe it. He doesn't agree with the conclusion and he literally looks flabbergasted while Sonyae and Nick are literally jumping up and down with joy. Jes and Brian stand there, looking awkward and heartbroken.

1. Jewel She's been a highlight before, but she definitely deserves it this week. Shallowly, Jewel has a killer figure and takes fashion risks. Less shallow (but still shallow--this is reality TV, people), Jewel is a good host and judge. She moderates well, knows successful songwriting, and is rather straightforward in her criticism.


- Who has what it takes to win Platinum Hit? Jes, Nick, Scotty, or Sonyae?

- Any other weird observations you've made you'd care to share?

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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