'Pirate Master': Episode Update
'Pirate Master': Episode Update
It's been a week and a half since CBS abruptly pulled Pirate Master off the air.  The show had been plagued by mediocre ratings.  It tried changing days and time slots but nothing seemed to boost interest in the show.  Instead of going the way of other network canceled shows (Reunion, anyone?), CBS decided to give the fans what they wanted and put the remaining episodes online.  Let's check in on our pirates to see who has become captain and who has become cut adrift.

The season was halfway over when episode nine hit the internet.  Only eight pirates remained.  Host Cameron Daddo informs the pirates that the captain will no longer have officers, which spells trouble for Azmyth.  For this expedition, Azmyth competed on the black crew with Nessa, Louie, and Laurel at his side.  Opposing them would be his two former officers Ben and Jay as well as Christa and Kendra.  The red crew pulls off a victory and Christa becomes the newest (and first female) captain.

Christa is a reluctant captain because she doesn't want to draw attention to herself.  Too late.  The prize for this expedition is $50,000 and it all goes to Christa.  She can do whatever she wants with the money and she does end up splitting it up.  This episode is the last one where the royal pardon will come into play.  Only two pirates will be marked with a black spot and Christa chooses Kendra and Azmyth.  He is unanimously voted out and cut adrift.

In episode 10, Jay, Christa, and Ben lead Nessa to believe she is in an alliance with them.  In the next expedition, the black crew pulls off another win, leaving Christa to remain as captain.  She receives $40,000 and this time, splits it evenly among her black crew, giving them $10,000 each.  Jay convinces her to mark Kendra (again) and Nessa with a black spot.  Nessa felt betrayed by Christa and she is unanimously cut adrift for having a mind of her own and playing this game to win.

It seems Jay has had control of this game for weeks now so how long before the other pirates catch on and eliminate him before he can't be stopped?  And will Christa be able to maintain her leadership role aboard the ship?  The online episodes of Pirate Master air exclusively every Tuesday on CBS.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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