'The Amazing Race' Recap: A Balancing Act Will Fail for One Team
'The Amazing Race' Recap: A Balancing Act Will Fail for One Team
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on The Amazing Race, the teams continue along Indonesia -- a bit boringly -- where the name of the game is a balancing act, with a bunch of plates and a lion's head, and there's a U-Turn thrown into the mix. Will any team U-Turn another, anonymously? Along the way, a number of teams ban together to work, while one team would rather not follow the pack.

Don't Drop That ... 

Even though the teams take off in order of finish from the last race, the twins, Texas and Chippendales team up to get to a restaurant. But the twins somehow get lost because their driver doesn't follow the others. 

At the restaurant, the teams must serve a Padang Meal, consisting of 20 plates. Drop anything, and they must return to the kitchen. When Lexi's plates shatter loudly on the floor, splattering food everywhere, I can't help but think how a ridiculous amount of food is being wasted.

The Chippendale guy has been a server, so this challenge seems old hat for him. He and Ryan are the first to finish, and those two teams are off to the train station, where they'll board and head off to their next destination. On the train, they must peel their eyes for the next clue.

The rest of the teams start falling into place: Texas, goat farmers, James/Abba.

And this is when the twins arrive, along with the blonde friends. They also finish -- not without a drop here and there -- as does the Monster Trucker, and then the substitute teachers finally arrive to the restaurant last.

Egg or the Lion?

All the teams that finish before the twins are safely aboard the train to Bangil, which will leave in minutes -- and the next train won't leave until three hours later! The twins are frantically booking their ticket and running to the track, but too late. They miss the first train out.

Aboard the train, all the teams except James/Abba are sitting next to each other. They all agree not to U-Turn one another and not create any extra headaches for one another. The new clue comes along easily -- someone walks along holding it like an item is on sale aboard. 

Meanwhile, all the other teams get to the train station and are waiting to board.

The next challenge consists of balancing a 40-pound lion's head costume and participating in a parade, complete with moves. Or the teams can do the egg head, which is having two eggs fried on a coconut that's being held on their head.

Out of the set of teams who arrive first from the train, everyone but the goat farmers decide to do the lion's challenge.

A Heavy Head

The Chippendales describe the lion's head as a mask sitting on your face, in your mouth, taking in year's worth of culture in the enclosed head, only being able to see a centimeter ahead. The parade consists of a lot of squatting, turning and kneeling. No one seems to drop their head, which would otherwise put them at the back of the parade.

Abbie and Ryan finish first, further cementing the point that they're the ones to beat. The Chippendales are next, but not before putting their moves to use. They're having a good time and seem to be balancing having the will to win a race while also making sure they're "in the moment" of whatever they do and wherever they are.

Texas and James/Abba finish next, and then the second train finally departs!

The First Team Wins A Trip to Fiji

On the second train, the blonde friends are being cocky, saying they know they can easily beat anyone they're up against in the "stragglers."  While that may be true, show a little modesty, ladies.

The egg challenge for the goat farmers is ridiculous -- to see two eggs actually being fried on their heads. And then they also have to eat it.

Ahead in the race, Abbie and Ryan arrive at the U-Turn stop and go on their way to the pit stop -- a school -- a bit too easily. They finish first, and they also win a trip to Fiji.

Texas comes in second, and they say off camera if they have the chance to U-Turn a team in the future, it will definitely be Abbie and Ryan. The Chippendales come in third, and James and Abba finish fourth, clearly pointing out they don't want to be part of the pack. One of them even wears a shirt that spells "Different" a different way with masking tape.

The goat farmers are fifth.

One Team Takes A U-Turn

Back at the rest of the race, the twins are being rude to the people they come in contact with, which is a bit embarrassing to watch. It's always interesting to see people's true colors come out in the face of frustration, competition and desperation. Everyone aboard the second train also does the lion's head competition. I think I would've done the egg head -- it's not physical, and you get to eat? Sign me up!

The substitute teachers are way behind -- yet again -- because they're going super slow to the site of the parade. 

The twins are also another fun group I enjoy watching. Although they whine and scream at each other a lot, they are generally supportive of each other and bring some light humor. They compare participating in the parade with the giant head and doing all the moves to cross-fit without dumbbells. 

They finish first, head to the U-Turn stop and don't use it. The Monster Truckers are next -- and they U-Turn a team! I'm completely surprised when they U-Turn the substitute teachers, who are total non-threats in the game overall. But to them personally, they are threats since they all, well, kinda suck. The twins get to the pit stop sixth, and the Monster Truckers come in seventh.

Frenzy Finish

The teachers and the blonde friends are the only ones left in the race. The teachers decide to U-Turn a team after they find out they were U-Turned themselves. Unfortunately, they pick the Monster Truckers, who have finished. But them not choosing the friends might not matter because the girls are having plenty of trouble finding the U-Turn. 

The blondes actually arrive to the egg frying spot, where the teachers are because of the U-Turn. It's amusing to watch: while the teachers are getting fried, the friends are wandering around the area looking for the U-Turn and wasting valuable time.

Sensing it's nowhere around, the friends decide to continue on and basically stumble upon the U-Turn stop. They continue on, but their bike rider is taking them super slowly. So slowly that the teachers are actually ahead of them. The friends scream for their rider to pedal faster -- narrowing the gap -- and they're side by side.

At a spot where the paths diverge, the teachers go one way and the friends go the other way. Who's going the wrong way? It's the blonde friends! The teachers barely finish the race -- yet again. It's unbelievable. They're thankful for being in the race still, and the friends are cocky to the end, saying they're better than the rest of some of their competition.

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