Phenomenon: Episode 3 Recap
Phenomenon: Episode 3 Recap
Phenomenon is live!  NBC assures the audience, over and over again, that the amazing tricks the viewers are seeing are indeed live, and all sorts of horrible things could happen...but don't.  So, tonight was my first experience with Phenomenon, and I wasn't altogether disappointed.  It's a fun show and, while I'm not a big magic guy to begin with, the tricks were all fairly impressive.  Since it's live and the tricks are kind of long, the episode felt quite hurried, with the host cutting people off a few times.  And, as it goes with middling reality shows, the contestants were significantly cut today, with three of the eight remaining competitors set home at the beginning of the episode.

Jan, Wayne and Jim have been eliminated.  I'm surprised Jim didn't get more sympathy votes after last week's scuffle between himself and Criss Angel.  Jim says that he can't wait to do interviews tomorrow, so he can talk some smack about Criss Angel. 

Hugh Hefner's “The Girls Next Door” will be assisting the contestants tonight. 

Mike Super – Voodoo Doll

Mike brings Brigitte up on stage, sits her on a chair and unveils a voodoo doll, complete with bunny ears.  He “cleanses” her by waving his hands all around her body.  He has her close her eyes and then he touches her left arm twice.  He asks her if she felt anything, where, and how many times.  She gets it exactly right – left arm, twice.  Next, Mike uses a lighter and singes the doll's hands.  Brigitte looks at her hands and they are singed.  Pretty cool.  Next he poked the doll with a needle and right as it happens, Brigitte starts yelping.  Uri and Criss really enjoy the performance, citing good stage presence and the fact that audience ate it up.

Eran Raven – Snakes

Eran brought Holly up on stage.  She was told to bring a personal item to the show that he didn't know about.  There are four large vases behind Eran and he has Holly put the item in one of the vases.  Eran then has his people fill the other three cases with snakes, two deadly one not.  They spin the vases a few times, then put them up on pedestals.  Eran looks into Holly's eyes to figure out what the item is.  He reaches into a vase, but it's one with the snake.  He gets “bitten” but thankfully for him it's the non-deadly one.  He then guesses Holly's item correctly (a necklace) and then picks the correct vase and produces it.  Uri said it blew his mind, but he wants something different.  Criss really enjoyed it too, but also wants some more diversity in the performances.

Angela Funovits – Fire

Kendra joins Angela on stage and has her think of someone that used to be close and important to her but who is no longer around in her life. She writes the name on a little sheet of paper.  Angela does the John Edward thing with her, figuring out who this person was in Kendra's wife.  She then takes the paper from Kendra and lights it on fire.  With that lit paper, she lights a torch.  She then starts putting her hand through the flame, and then waves the flame along her thigh.  She asks Kendra the name of the person.  It's Eric.  Angela then takes a towel and rubs her leg.  When she takes it off, the name Eric is revealed on her thigh.  Uri and Criss both liked the trick. 

Gerry McCambridge – Paintball Guns

The three Girls Next Door come up on stage and each take a paintball gun.  Jerry stands against a wall and lets the ladies shoot at him.  Each of the paintball guns have different colored paint.  They each hit him in a different place, and miss a number of times too.  When they're finished, Jerry unveils a poster that was kept in a box by a security guard the whole time. - it's a poster of Jerry, with paintball hits in the exact areas where he was really hit.  Both Uri and Criss enjoy it and think it was a big improvement over last week. 

Guy Bavli – Hydrochloric Acid

Guy takes eight lab beakers filled with 75mL of the acid.  He fills a ninth cup with water.  Guy leaves the table momentarily and has Holly hide the water beaker within the other eight beakers.  He does a big song and dance, slowly eliminating different beakers.  He has Holly choose which one to drink, and Guy drinks the water.  Criss and Uri like it all right. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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