'Person of Interest': Should John Have a New Love Interest Now That Carter's Gone?
'Person of Interest': Should John Have a New Love Interest Now That Carter's Gone?
Kendra Redman
Kendra Redman
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Is it just me or was Carter's death storyline on Personal Interest marred by the implication that John had harbored a secret crush on her? The shock of Carter's exit from the show was sufficiently poignant without the stoic John supposedly losing his mind from grief over this unrealized 'romance.' Implying that there was more to their relationship than a strong working partnership really cheapened things, can't we all just grow up a little and get over the whole notion that "men and women can't be friends" ?  

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Part of what makes John such an interesting character to watch is that he is so deadpan; I simply can't imagine him looking passionately in the throes of love, the man has barely cracked a smile in three seasons! John is the human counterpart of 'The Machine', up until the Carter incident he always seemed like a machine himself, cold and calculating, and I liked it that way. Machines are logical, they carry out the functions and tasks for which they have been programmed, in John's case first for the CIA, and now for billionaire geek extraordinaire, Mr. Finch. It was a big deal when John let his hair down enough to start calling his boss Harold over the more formal Finch, and it wasn't until the very end of the season that he used the name Joss rather than Carter, really, this is how he addresses a woman he supposedly loved? I don't buy it.

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Carter and Harold always provided the emotional elements of the show, and let's not forget that Carter's emotions are what led her on the quest to take down HR once and for all, and that's what ultimately got her killed. John can't afford to let distractions such as emotions get in the way of his work. He needs to be precise and efficient to stay on top of the never-ending numbers. It's OK for him to have a fling, such as his ongoing sexy scenes with Zoe, in fact, I always thought Zoe had great chemistry with John. She was his match in terms of her ability to be very calculating. She simply used information as a weapon, whereas John always calculates a threat assessment and an exit strategy. I'm all for continuing to have Zoe in a recurring guest role on the show, as it's fun to watch her flirt with the ultra serious John, but to try to turn them into a couple would be a mistake. They even poked fun at the notion in the episode, "The High Road," where the pair had to pose as a married suburban couple, it was laugh out loud funny because it was so not John's normal M.O.

Introducing a new love interest for John would just be a big mistake, let's bury that concept with Carter. Some shows are built around a romance, such as The Vampire Diaries and Scandal, but this isn't one of those.  Person of Interest has been successful with its weekly formula of John and crew racing to figure out if the number that The Machine has spit out is the killer or the victim. Mr. Reese just needs to remain the enigma that keeps us watching and wondering what goes on inside his head, I don't want to see John doing brunch and shopping with his lady love at Bed Bath & Beyond on the weekend, do you?

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