'Person of Interest' Recap: War on the Horizon
'Person of Interest' Recap: War on the Horizon
M.K. Costigan
M.K. Costigan
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This week on Person of Interest, Reese auditions for the Avengers, Shaw displays actual human emotion and Bear finally gets something to do. It's a banner episode for everyone.

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Number of the Week


The number for this week's episode, "Allegiance," is Maria Martinez. She's an engineer for Hydral Corp, a company that builds generators in third world countries. Seems all well and good, but she displays some suspicious behavior when not bringing light and running water to the needy. For example, she gets a mysterious call about a package, steals a GPS tracker, appears to know a few Arabic words and isn't white. Thus, they think she's a terrorist.


Maria meets with a man named Jamal Risha to talk about his brother Omar. Research says that Omar's been detained by Homeland Security after emigrating from Iraq seeking political asylum. When Shaw and Fusco find Maria taking pictures of the UN building in New York, they assume that she's about to commit a terrorist act. Then they realize that she's actually just taking pictures of a specific man and uses the stolen tracker to trace his location. Still suspicious, but in a manner less threatening to national security.


The man in question is Rene Lapointe, a French diplomat. Maria delivers the package to him, but it turns out to be a huge stack of evidence proving that Omar isn't a terrorist. Lapointe is currently the episode's villain so he is predictably dismissive and corrupt in the face of a detainee's innocence. Finch and Shaw pose as Omar's lawyers to get more information out of him and confirm that he is, in fact, a huge jackass.


What Are These People Made Of?


Maria is less than pleased with Lapointe's personality, but she's encouraged when a Greek diplomat named Savin takes interest in Omar's case. She doesn't have a lot of time to focus on this, though, because she gets attacked by the French Foreign Legion in her elevator. My fears of dying in an elevator tend more towards a Tower of Terror-esque plunge, so thanks, Person of Interest, for giving me a new phobia!


Luckily, Shaw saw that coming a mile away and takes the legionnaire down with ease. More legionnaires attack and Reese helps by throwing one of them, and himself, out of a stories-high window. The force of their fall crushes a car, but Reese walks away without injury. Apparently, the reason he's so fearless in the face of bodily harm is because his body cannot be harmed. Damn.


At this point, we take a detour into the Land of Backstory and learn how Maria and Omar know each other. He worked as a translator for Hydral Corp on a project of theirs in Iraq. While there, he and Maria were attacked by insurgents, and he saved Maria's life. Because of these actions, he will be put to death if he ever returns to Iraq. Finch poses as his lawyer to get more information from Omar, who says that the six generators from the Iraq project never showed up. Towns went dark, people died in non-functional hospitals and insurgents took over the city. Finch figures out that Maria's boss, Ken Davis, must have gotten a really good offer to ship the generators elsewhere.


Maria is not happy when she learns that her boss is essentially having Omar killed to keep his crime from coming to light. Shaw actually manages to read her emotions and realizes that she and Omar are in love. She even tells Maria that her father rescued her mother from a similar insurgent situation in Iran, which is the most personal information she's ever shared in her life. Since she can't leave the library without the French Foreign Legion descending on her, Maria looks through the "evidence" collected against Omar and realizes that Davis forged an incriminating letter. She exploits Shaw's one true weakness -- alcohol -- and escapes to find the original copy of the letter in Lapointe's office.

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We'll Need a Smokescreen and a Big Ass Truck


It takes Fusco and Reese about two seconds to rescue Omar from deportation. The problem they have now is that Maria is running around the UN offices with the French Foreign Legion after her. The team goes in under the guise of firefighters after Shaw sets off a smoke bomb, and promptly engage in hand to hand combat. Spoiler: they win.


Maria reunites with Savin, who helps her get into Lapointe's office. It seems like she might get the evidence she needs when Lapointe returns and Savin responds by shooting him dead in his own office. Turns out he's also French Foreign Legion. He gives a brief speech about how politics is a free pass to be a terrible person when the team takes his rationalizing ass down. Diplomatic immunity? Not today, buddy!


Information is the New Currency


So now that Maria and Omar's futures are secured, Shaw continues to have some level of feelings, and all seems fine and dandy. The only missing party is Davis, who has escaped to meet up with Greer in the park.  Greer was the one who bought the generators, obviously for Samaritan, and thanks Davis for his troubles by having him killed.


The Greer reveal isn't really surprising, since he popped up earlier in the episode as well. More important, Root was following him. He's now got the capability to cripple the Machine's various ways of following him for short periods of time. Root, always resourceful, "borrows" Bear and uses him to track Greer by scent. But Greer is rapidly becoming as omnipotent as she is and knows that she's coming.


He makes her an offer: help him merge the Machine and Samaritan and take over the world. Maniacal laughing was strongly implied in this scene. Root, of course, knows that Greer just wants to control Samaritan and the Machine, and she wants to set them free. They end at an impasse, assuring that a war of epic proportions is about to start and both convinced that they are on the right side.

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