'Person of Interest' Recap: Shaw Saves a Mini-Spy and Her Inner Child?
'Person of Interest' Recap: Shaw Saves a Mini-Spy and Her Inner Child?
Candice Block Lombardi
Candice Block Lombardi
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Through a fun and bloody Person of Interest episode of killing, kidnapping, blowing up buildings and disobeying orders, Shaw manages to win the respect of a 10-year-old counterintelligence spy in training, Finch, and maybe even her repressed inner child. Too bad Root shows up.

Tonight's Person of Interest episode promises to teach us a little more about Shaw's backstory and why she is robotic and fearless. This should help her character and the show move forward. And she has a little run-in with Root...

Shaw Takes a Rain Check for Finch's Tea Party

Shaw poses as an EMT in an ambulance that gets ambushed under a bridge. She shoots the bad guys and hands the other EMT the human liver he is trying to protect. As he is right in mid-sentence thanking Shaw, she walks away. 

Finch tells Shaw that her bedside manner leaves much to be desired. In fact, he made them tea for two -- with a lovely china set and cups -- and asks her to the office and discuss her bedside manners. Shaw refuses. Finch sits disappointed. He turns and gives Bear what looks to be a chocolate peanut butter cup -- I hope this dog can digest chocolate.

Reese Corners Carter, Take 1

Carter is tracking HR, taking pictures at night under a bridge. Members of the HR network are arranging an important meeting, and they say it must be airtight. Carter hears a noise and pulls a gun, and it's Reese. "One of these days, I'm just going to shoot you," Carter says. 
Reese says he knows about Carter's side project, and she has enough evidence to bring down half of HR. They open some beers. She says HR built itself back up because they didn't cut off their heads. Carter wants no deals: she wants to get into that meeting on joint operations with the Russians. They toast to that.

Person of Interest: 10-Year-Old Spy in Training

Finch says that this time, the nine numbers are an alien registration green card number for a Russian woman with no little available info. Genrika lives in the housing projects, and Finch can't find a photo of her.

Shaw arrives at an apartment and poses as an immigration officer. The person who opens the door is a drug addict and has his product strewn across the apartment. A school-age girl comes out of the bedroom. She is Genrika but goes by "Jen," she says, and she's packing her school bag. She tells Shaw that her mom's in jail in Russia and her grandfather who was her guardian died. She's living with her third cousin.

Jen questions Shaw's story that she is an immigration officer because usually Agent Cross checks on her. Jen she says she is practicing for her career in international espionage. Shaw says it's just a routine check. "Routine my ass!" says Jen. Shaw replies that there is no Agent Cross. Jen leaves for school.

Reese and Shaw follow Jen. Finch digs up intel: four years ago, Jen's mother went to prison for protesting the Putin administration. Jen is taking pictures in the windows; she sees Shaw's reflection. Jen is using spy tactics. Finch thinks he turned off Shaw's phone; he tells Reese to keep Shaw at arm's length so she doesn't harm the girl. Turns out Shaw heard it; she has bugged Finch's office. 

A car of men pull up to kidnap the girl. Reese knocks some down and Jen takes off, but the kidnappers chase her. Shaw gets a hold of the girl. "Whoever this girl is, Finch," Shaw says, "she has a very grown-up problem."

Shaw's Survivor Story

In 1993, on a highway at night, a car flips over and is burning. First responders are trying to get to the driver, but he's DOA. The fireman sees a girl in the backseat and tells her that he is coming to her. She has blood on her face and looks frightened, but not terrified.

We are not told, but we can presume the child in this accident years ago is Shaw. Today, she is now an icy killer, partly as a coping mechanism. This week's efforts to save a girl with no parents (and who wants to be a spy) bring up Shaw's repressed memories. As in Reese's case, Shaw's cool exterior belies the pain inside and we are seeing why.

Back to 2013

Shaw and Jen are crouched hiding in the building. Shaw asks Jen who the men were and why they tried to grab her. Jen says probably because she's a spy. Shaw doesn't believe Jen, so she tells Finch that she doesn't know. Finch tells Shaw not to try to take out the kidnappers. Shaw's job is to protect Jen at all costs. As they sit, Jen pokes Shaw in the arm to be sure she's not a robot.

Carter and Her Partner Are Not Getting Along

Carter's rookie partner, Mike Laskey, is walking outside on his phone, telling HR he'll look out for Carter. Back in the car, Carter notes that Laskey bought a New Jersey gun illegally because every gun in NY has to have a ballistics test. Carter takes the gun.

Shaw and Jen in the Secret "Listening Station"

Still in hiding, Jen asks Shaw for her name and wants to know who John is. (Friend? Boyfriend?) Shaw says he's a coworker. Jen wants to know what agency Shaw works for. (CIA? NSA?) Shaw says it's not an agency at all. "To be honest, I'm only in it for the dog," she says. Shaw is definitely attached to Bear.

Shaw says she has eyes on two of the kidnappers and wants to take them out, but Finch orders her to protect the girl and leave. Shaw and Jen run, holding hands. 

Jen leads them behind a grate into the walls and down a tunnel. Jen says she's in there all the time. They reach Jen's "listening station." Jen's hideout has a number of old audio tape recorders and wires. Jen says she bugged anyone who looked suspicious. She's trying to get the drug dealers out of the building. She's waiting until she had something on the dealers that was too big to ignore. Shaw begins to respect Jen and tries to gain her trust. "Hey, I'm a spy, too, remember?" 

Two thugs see a footprint near the grate and have a shootout with Reese. The men realize that Shaw and Jen are in the walls and go to the car to get their gas masks -- they will smoke out the pair.

"I'm Shaw," Shaw finally shares. "Nice to meet you," says Jen.

Jen's grandfather taught her how to bug tapes. He had been in the KGB. Jen asks Shaw why she's "like this." (I guess children notice Shaw's odd lack of emotion right away.) Shaw says she never gets scared or sad or happy or lonely. She gets angry, but that's about it. She's been this way since she was about Jen's age, when she figured out that she was different.
Smoke begins to fill the hide-out. Shaw rips her sleeves off and gives one to the girl to cover their mouths. With one shooter on either side, they are surrounded.

Shaw's Rescue from the Burning Car -- 1993

In the flashback, the child Shaw is still trapped inside a burning car. The fireman tries to distract her as they work to get her out by asking her about her favorite TV shows. Shaw says her dad is in the military and moves around a lot. The fireman says they are going to call her mom. They carry her out of the burning car.

Shaw Escapes from the Car Trunk -- 2013

Shaw was apparently kidnapped, but she smashes her way out of a car trunk with a crowbar and knocks her kidnapper down. Her shoulder is covered in blood, and her face is pale and sweating. She grabs her kidnapper's cell.

Finch says that Bear found lots of blood, and Finch recovered the tapes. Finch tells Shaw to go see a doctor. Shaw thinks she is being punished. Finch texts her the address and phone number for the doctor. She is determined to keep going, however. She finds a packet of drugs beneath the guy she knocked over, and she gets a determined look on her face.

Carter's partner, Laskey, is asking her why they're uptown. Even though Laskey's working for the enemy, if I were Carter's partner, I would wonder about her as well -- she drags him on all of her missions while she's on the clock. Carter sends Laskey to the taco truck. Carter opens the trunk and changes into a leather jacket. She is on her phone. She takes pictures and sees that the package has been delivered and money changed hands. Carter calls Laskey. Something came up, and she asks him to take the car to the precinct. 

Finch is listening to every tape that Jen made. Some taped people are calling for pizza. One, labeled "Gross," is some bedroom noise. 

Shaw Confronts Jen's Cousin

Shaw notices that the drugs from her kidnapper were the same drugs as those used by Jen's cousin. She promises to re-up the cousin's stash if he tells her where the girl is. He gives a name and some information. Shaw gives him the product, but then she shoots his glass table into pieces. 

Reese Corners Carter, Take 2

Reese thinks he's closing in on the cell. He turns a corner, and Carter walks up to the same corner. Her HR man passes money from his car to one of Jen's kidnappers. They know who has the girl.

Shaw Learns Her Dad Died -- 1993

He calls her mom, and she asks for her dad. The fireman says that it was a really bad accident. She is covered in blood, but does not cry. He apologizes and says if there's anything he could have done.

HR is Cooking Up Designer Drugs

Carter learns that HR is dealing drugs, and Finch says they are designer drugs that are very dangerous and powerful. HR kidnapped the girl for her tapes. They agree to trade tapes for the drugs.

Shaw Raids Another Ambulance, Steals Blood

Shaw raids an ambulance. She uses needles to take two guys down, and points a gun at the third. She has another needle and looks like she is going to shoot him up with his own drugs, which he never used. Then she asks if he's ever had a disease. He says she doesn't know his blood type, but then she says she's O+, a universal recipient. Shaw preps his arm and begins to take his blood.

The Deal

They make a deal and talk terms for the girl. Shaw arrives and cuts off Finch's convo with Reese. She says she wasn't hired to bust dirty cops, she's hired to save Jen. Finch is a little surprised to see Shaw with energy since she had lost so much blood. Reese calls Carter: it looks like they have a problem.

Carter's partner tells the guys that they are walking into an ambush. He tells Carter he is having a problem with someone he doesn't know. He covered for her, so they go to a bar together. 

When the HR leader arrives, all of his guys are taken out. "Officer, I'd like to report a kidnapping," says Reese. The girl is not there. They say it's time they have a talk. They put their guns down and are fist fighting. Is this a cop/honor kind of thing? The police arrive to take him. Shaw is shooting out people, and Finch is telling her to turn right and left.

Carter's partner takes her to the bar. She asks what the problem is, and he says for starters her partner won't have drinks with her. Turns out Carter knew Laskey was working for HR. She kills the bartender and also HR, and tells Laskey he's scared and now he works for her.

Shaw Gives a Hug

Shaw brings Jen to a private school and says she's a reward of a reclusive billionaire. The girl is giving Shaw her grandfather's medal for being in the KGB. Shaw says she's not wired for this kind of stuff. She figured her out. She says it's not that she doesn't have feelings, it's just like an old tape, it's like the volume is turned way down. Shaw gets tears in her eyes and hugs the girl.

Finch arrives with Bear. Shaw apologizes because she disobeyed all of her orders, and Finch says she finally got the job. "Now about that bug in my library ..." 

Shaw is asleep in the dark, finally at peace. It's spooky. Someone's about to walk up. It's Root. "Did you miss me? We're going to have so much fun together," she says, and shoots her with some sort of a taser.

Person of Interest airs Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS.

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