'Person of Interest' Episode 2.3 'Masquerade' Preview Video: Reese and Finch Meet Their Match
'Person of Interest' Episode 2.3 'Masquerade' Preview Video: Reese and Finch Meet Their Match
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Person of Interest season 2 continues tonight with an episode called "Masquerade" and in it, Reese and Finch may face their biggest challenge to date. 

Spoiled little rich girl

I feel sorry for poor Reese. Here he is, this trained soldier who has taken on a multitude of criminals and assorted bad guys and girls, and yet he's basically on babysitting duty this week. In the video we see that The Machine has pulled up the number of the daughter of a Brazilian diplomat who seems to think that because Reese works for her dad (according to the official synopsis, he's posing as a bodyguard), that means he works for her, too. 

"If this keeps up, her biggest threat is going to be me."

Acting as a bodyguard for the girl so that he can keep an eye on her apparently means that Reese has to follow her pretty much everywhere. Seeing Reese joining her on a shopping trip gave me a good giggle as that's definitely the last kind of place I'd expect to see a tough guy like him. But when he accompanies her to a club, it's apparently not just being out of place that Reese has to worry about: especially when the crazy girl starts literally dancing on tables. I wouldn't blame Reese one bit if he took her out himself after a stupid stunt like that. 

How is Finch?

One thing the preview video didn't really show us is how Finch is doing after his abduction by Root. I'm curious if he and Reese were able to get right back into their normal routine like nothing ever happened. Was there perhaps a moment where they worked out some new contingency plans should Finch ever find himself in that sort of situation? I have to think that after nearly losing Finch once, Reese is probably going to be more protective of him than ever. After the Root incident, I'll be surprised if Reese lets his little bespectacled friend out of his sight ever again. I also wonder if Finch is going to be more nervous about going out into the field now that he's been through all this, plus knowing that Root is still out there somewhere. 

What did you think after watching the preview for tonight's episode of Person of Interest? Will Reese be able to handle his new POI without killer her himself? Will Finch suffer any after-effects from his abduction?

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