'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: The Difference Between Winning and Losing? 14 Bucks
'The Celebrity Apprentice'  Recap: The Difference Between Winning and Losing? 14 Bucks
This week's super-sized Celebrity Apprentice has three hours, two tasks, two firings. Oh, and the teams are switched up for the second task. Got all that?

In the first task, the teams are back to fundraising. They have to create and design an NYC tour book to sell on the streets -- how cool is that? Of course, it's all about which rich friends the celebs can call to bring in the dough, but this task got me excited. I'd like to get my hands on one of those books!

The Women Are At It Again

The women continue their bickering, which isn't a surprise, but really, it's getting old -- and it's becoming a turnoff.

Teresa blows up at Lisa, who, yes, may be doing a lot, but she took it on -- just so she can say that she did everything. Lisa also doesn't believe there's much going on upstairs with Teresa so she doesn't even give her an ounce of respect.

Blowing Money

The men bring in the Blue Man Group as one of their big donors, but they have an unconventional way of delivering their money that could be costly (har har). The Blue Man Group stuff $8,000 worth of bills into giant balloons -- and let them pop. It's literally raining money. Hands left and right are making a mad grab for it all. The men try their best to make the point to the crowd that the money is for charity. People do give it back, but you know not everyone did (Clay mentions how Arsenio was pulling money out of a woman's butt after he saw her stuffing it down her pants.)

On top of that, Arsenio brings in absolutely no money. If the competition went on for another 30 seconds, he could've had a large check from Jay Leno, but the NYC traffic wouldn't let that happen. If the men lose, I don't see how Arsenio stays. And he knows it.

In the Boardroom

Judge Regis Philbin picks between the two books as the best -- and he selects the women's, who get an extra $35,000 added to their total. Unfortunately, it's still not enough, as the men win by a total of FOURTEEN DOLLARS.

If the men got all their Blue Man Group and Arsenio's money, they would've won easily. But the fact that they're short on their set money and still win? That's seriously impressive.

You're Fired

Teresa brings in Dayanna and Debbie to the boardroom, but Donald Trump wonders why it wasn't Aubrey, since the task was ultimately about fundraising, and she brought in the least. Because of that, he lets Debbie go, which completely shocks Lisa and Aubrey -- that's right, ladies, this is one situation you couldn't trash and manipulate.

Not Over Yet

The women have lost five of the seven tasks and are left with four members, compared to the men's six. And remember when two men were fired from one task?

So the new teams are: Aubrey, Arsenio, Teresa, Clay and Paul, with Arsenio as the project manager; and then Lisa, Dayanna, Penn, Lou and Dee with Lou as the project manager because he's the fitness guy.

For this next task, the teams have to create a live interactive health segment that promotes walking for Walgreens.

Some Things Remain the Same

Lisa becomes immediately drawn to Penn, who she calls a genius. But she doesn't have nice words for the rest of the group, especially Lou.

In the other group, Aubrey's take-charge attitude turns off the men, especially Arsenio, whom she subtly disses. The men also start noticing how she's taking over the task, especially since Arsenio is completely capable of what needs to be done himself.

Aubrey and Lisa really come off horribly. It's not the fact that they believe other people are less superior and aren't afraid to voice that; it's the personal attacks as well. Grow up.

During his group's presentation, poor Penn, though, has a slip of the tongue by saying a competitor's name that starts with W. But Lou is inspirational, and Dayanna turns Penn's mistake into a joke, and everyone -- including Lisa -- is impressed.

The other team also gives a great presentation, incorporating a game show theme to give information, but it sounds like the company's judges, including celeb judge Alison Sweeney, didn't understand that theme.

In the Boardroom

Immediately, Arsenio goes after Aubrey, but he does so pretty calmly, until Aubrey starts taking credit for everything. He and Clay -- I don't want to say rip into her -- they just tell it like it is, perhaps even giving her a taste of her own medicine. But see, when the men criticize someone, it's not in an immature, attacking way. Of course, that's not how Aubrey sees it, and she starts crying. The camera also keeps cutting to Lisa, who I'm sure wanted to stick up for Aubrey. Those two are just bullies.

But ... Arsenio's group wins the task! And while they leave the boardroom ... Aubrey ... leaves? She talks about the unhealthy, negative environment that she doesn't want to be a part of, and I'm laughing because of the hypocrisy.

You're Fired

While Lou may have been a horrible project manager, he delivered on his part. On the other hand, Dee did not, as the judges pointed out the design that was part of the presentation as a weakness. So because of that, Dee is fired.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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