'Parks and Recreation' News: Jerry's Wife to be Played by Christie Brinkley
'Parks and Recreation' News: Jerry's Wife to be Played by Christie Brinkley
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Well, if Parks and Recreation was looking for a gorgeous model/actress to play Jerry's wife, it looks like they've found the perfect woman: none other than super model Christie Brinkley herself. 

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Jerry may have things touch when he's in the Parks and Recreation office, but his home life is apparently pretty darn close to perfect. We've already seen that he's got a beautiful daughter so I guess we should've known that his wife would be a knock-out as well. Hopefully that makes up being everyone's punching bag when he's at work, because boy do his co-workers give him a rough time when he's there. 

EW's Inside TV reports reports that model/actress Christie Brinkley has been chosen to play Jerry's always talked about, but never seen wife Gayle. Brinkley, a three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl and ex-wife of Billy Joel, will reportedly make her appearance in the season 5 episode titled "Ron and Diane."

The episode is slated to air in late November and will also feature a story line that involves a couple more fun guest stars, Megan Mullally and Luce Lawless. Looks like Jerry and the rest of the Parks and Rec gang will be surrounded by a bunch of beauties. 

Seeing as how Jerry isn't exactly known for having any kind of "game" whatsoever, the question that must be asked now is: how on earth did he land such an incredibly beautiful wife? Perhaps the answer lies in last season's beg revelation about Jerry's, ahem, largest asset. But really, is that the only thing his wife would see in him? Let's hope there's more to the guy than just that. 

Maybe Jerry's a completely different man at home. Despite what we know of him at work, it's possible that he could be Mr. Smooth when he's not working at the Parks and Recreation office. Okay no, I don't really think that's true but anything's possible, right?

What do you think after hearing the news of a hot super model playing Jerry's wife on Parks and Recreation? Do you think that Christie Brinkley is a good choice to play the wife of Jerry? 

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