[Video] 'Parenthood' Sneak Peek: Is Julia and Joel's Marriage Over?
[Video] 'Parenthood' Sneak Peek: Is Julia and Joel's Marriage Over?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Parenthood starts 2014 with Joel and Julia's marriage on the brink of collapse. Will they be able to work through their communication issues? Or is it too late? In "Promises," Joel and Ed come face-to-face.

Adam is hosting the Braverman Sleep Over Extravaganza of the Year! When he stops by to pick up Jabbar, Adam asks Crosby for help.

Check out the "Protecting Julia" sneak peek.

Julia confided in Adam about Ed's kiss. Adam asks Crosby to watch out for their sister at the fundraiser. Their concern for Julia is what makes the Braverman family such an amazing one. And the brotherly banter between Adam and Crosby is always a plus!

Will Crosby's watchful eye be enough to prevent a blow out at the fundraiser. Unfortunately, not! Check out what else is coming up on "Promises."

"A New Year of Parenthood!" Preview

What's coming up on "Promises":

  • Hank shows up to see Sarah.
  • Sarah goes to a fundraiser with Carl. A date? Maybe. Or, maybe not....
  • Amy's back! Will Drew get rid of the indecisive Natalie?
  • Ed talks to Julia at the fundraiser and then raves about her to Joel.
  • "Are you having an affair with Ed?" - Joel
    "No." - Julia
  • Joel pushes Ed and tells him to stay away from Julia.
Will Joel believe Julia? Given his erratic behavior lately, I doubt he will. Could he be projecting his own guilt on to his wife?

It's been sad to see what the formerly loving and admirable couple fall apart. Is it too late for them to fix their marriage?

In addition to Joel and Julia's marital woes, Zeek continues to struggle with Camille's absence. Natalie gets jealous of Amy. And, Hank and Max's relationship takes an turn, which leads to an unexpected revelation.

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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