'Parenthood' Recap: Max Is Pushed to the Breaking Point
'Parenthood' Recap: Max Is Pushed to the Breaking Point
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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In a heartbreaking event, Kristina and Adam are forced to face the reality of bullying, Sarah finds out the fate of her first photography job and it's two steps forward, one step back for Julia and Joel. As ever, there is never a dull moment on Parenthood

"They all do it, even the nice kids"

Max is excited about going on an overnight field trip with his class and asks that Kristina not chaperone. Even though she is incredibly uncomfortable with this prospect, Adam supports Max going on his own because he is growing up and wants to encourage independence. 

Kristina and Adam are enjoying a weekend at home when they get a call from Max's teacher, Mr. Knight, about Max having a meltdown on the trip and is in need of their assistance. Kristina and Adam arrive to take Max home. At first you think that Max is having one of his routine tantrums but then we learn what really happened.

On the drive home, in a seriously upsetting and emotional scene, Max finally tells his parents that the one of his classmates peed in his canteen and the rest of them bullied him excessively. He is worried that he is a freak and it is just so upsetting. His admission is a huge step for Max and as with any parent in the same situation, they have no idea what to do but express their anger at the kids and love for Max. We all cry and want to hug Max the way Kristina does.

Drew is Heartbroken

Drew is staying with Amber, getting stoned and writing songs with the teardrops on his guitar in order to avoid Natalie at school. Natalie corners him at the one class they don't share and Drew expresses in all his angst that he is "pissed" at her about the fact that she slept with his roommate. Honestly, I love that she lets him have it because she has been up front about her expectations from day one. 

Amber tells Drew to get it together. When Amber is giving you a reality check, it may be time to really evaluate your life. At the same time, I understand his heartbreak and need for wallowing, too. Drew and Amber should write songs and go on a heartbreak tour together. I'd buy that album.

The Big Offer

Camille and Zeek's real estate agent announces that she has found the perfect buyer for the place. Everyone is hesitant to jump on the bid for various reasons: they haven't painted, they haven't cleaned, etc. They use these reasons to mask the fact that they aren't ready to say goodbye to their beloved family home, in my opinion.

As expected, Zeek is prickly at best with the prospective buyer who talks down about the kind of wood they use and the outdated kitchen. Both Zeek and Camille are struggling to let go of the house and decide to wait the expected few months before they sell it, no matter the guy's offer. 

At the last minute, the real estate agent shows up with an even bigger offer (over the asking price), giving them something to really think about. Will this guy with his snazzy suit really be the guy that gets the 44-year-old Braverman house? I'm skeptical. 

Smart Phones and Dumb Choices 

A much older looking Victor is playing baseball after school (since when did he hit puberty?). Joel goes to the wrong field after misreading the schedule and is extremely late to pick Victor up from practice. Victor is struggling to adjust to the new schedule between his separated parents and is feeling anxious about getting picked up after school on time. Joel's solution is to buy Victor a brand new cell phone to stay in contact with his parents at all times, which causes all sorts of problems. 

Julia confronts Joel about the cell phone and Joel's reasoning is sound in that he feels that Victor is feeling abandoned. I can't help but feel a bit vindicated by Julia's zinger about Joel being the one doing the abandoning. It's childish and unhelpful at this point, but it's still true. 

When Victor is using his phone at the dinner table, Sydney finds the opportunity to explode. She blames him for their parents' separation saying everything was fine until he came into the picture. It's a really intense moment that poor Victor doesn't deserve. When Victor talks to Joel about it, I am a mess because it is so sweet. It's just all the more reason these two kids need to work it out!

The Ongoing Saga of Sarah and Hank

Sarah finally submits the photography project she has been working on with Hank. While she freaks out about whether or not it will be well received, Hank comforts Sarah by giving her the weirdest shoulder massage, ever. Hank tells Sarah that he wants to be there for her since she relies on him for so much support, but that it's ultimately too hard on him to be just friends. Even though I don't want them to get back together, his point is well made.  

Despite his speech, he shows up for her anyway when she receives the news from the client. He tells her he's proud of her, which is fine, I guess. When she arrives after the meeting, happy about it going well, he is there to welcome her with open arms. The whole thing is, in a word, confusing.  

We also get a glimpse at next week indicating that Mark will be back! Does this mean an old/new flame for Sarah? We'll have to wait and see.

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10pm on NBC. 

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