'Orphan Black': The 5 Best Reactions to Being Told the Clone Secret
'Orphan Black': The 5 Best Reactions to Being Told the Clone Secret
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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"You just broke the first rule of Clone Club," Cosima told Sarah in Orphan Black's third episode when she had Felix with her, but since then, quite a few characters have been brought in on the secret. Some people have taken the news of clones in stride, while others have ... not. And then there's Krystal.

Here are the best reactions to being told about the clones.

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5. Scott

Though Scott had been working with Cosima and Delphine at Dyad, it wasn't until season 2 episode 8 that Cosima informed him that she's 324B21. "It's an honor, Cosima," he told her. "An honor to be working with you."

4. Alison's Mother

Some people just can't see what's right in front of them (or past a different hairstyle.) Even though Alison introduced her mother to Cosima, Mrs. Hendrix just didn't see it. Instead, she determined that she was just duped at IVF and the donor wasn't exclusive. "That would make you her half-sister," Connie said. "A clone is something else entirely."

3. Tony

"Look at us, we're hot," Tony said after meeting Sarah. After Sarah noted the lack of an identity crisis, Tony explained, "I did all that work a long time ago. There's only one Tony, and you're not me, sucker."

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2. Donnie

When Alison told Donnie the truth, she thought he already knew because he was her monitor. Well, he didn't -- his reaction couldn't be faked, Sarah and Felix realized -- and upon learning that what he thought was a sociology class study really meant people probed his wife, he tracked down Dr. Leekie to quit. The only problem? He did so while slamming a gun down on the steering wheel, and he accidentally killed Leekie.  

1. Krystal

"This is what you think I look like?" She asked Felix and Art upon meeting Sarah. She just didn't see it, since she had been told she's a 10, while to her, Sarah was only a 7 "on a good day." And later in the conversation, when Sarah asked her to clarify something, Krystal asked who she was again. "I'm Sarah. I'm your clone," she reminded her. "Right, whatever," Krystal said.

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