'One Tree Hill' Video: Bad-Ass Julian Takes Out the Trash
'One Tree Hill' Video: Bad-Ass Julian Takes Out the Trash
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Things keep going wrong for Brooke and Julian on One Tree Hill. First he went into debt because his new soundstage couldn't attract any clients. Then he accidentally left his son in a car and almost killed him. Meanwhile, Brooke teamed up with her father (did the writers forget about that storyline?) and went to war with a rival café.

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Now one of Brooke's worst nightmares has returned in the form of Xavier Daniels, the criminal who brutally attacked her in season 5 and who killed Quentin. He was sent to prison, but now he's out on parole, and it looks like he has an unhealthy fixation with Brooke. Luckily, Julian has gone from total wuss to bad-ass action hero.

While I miss the old, lame Julian (remember how he high fives?), this new, protective, butt-kicking Julian is pretty cool. I just wish he'd threaten Xavier with the four most dangerous words in Tree Hill: "I know Dan Scott." Surely even Xavier must know not to mess with a friend of Dan.

But with this story, one thing is clear: Tree Hill has the worst penal system in the world. Xavier was only sent away for a few years and didn't even get convicted of Quentin's murder. Dan Scott spent less than five years in prison for killing his own brother. And one of the Tree Hill cops is working for European mobsters.

In addition to Julian and Brooke's battle with Xavier, the next new episode will also feature Haley taking a trip to the morgue. Who's under the sheet? Nathan seems almost too obvious at this point, but the prevailing theory among fans is that Dan might be the one dead, a result of trying to save his son.

One Tree Hill airs Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW.

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