One Tree Hill: State Champions
One Tree Hill: State Champions
Well, I know there's been a relative dearth of One Tree Hill content here on BuddyTV, but we're going to change that, starting yesterday with our exclusive interview with Mark Schwahn, creator/executive producer of One Tree Hill. Mark also wrote last night's epic episode, which I'm sure will go down as one of the fan's all-time favorites. Sorry, if I've spoiled it for anyone but, yeah, Tree Hill won the state championship. Although, they did fake out the audience pretty good, using an old radio broadcast to make it seem, from the beginning of the episode, that they had actually lost. Clever.
Nathan was supposed to lose the game for Rick Fox (er...I mean Dante). As everyone had hoped, he eventually came around in the second half, dominating and bringing Tree Hill back to victory, dishing the winning assist to Lucas for a last-second three. Exciting stuff. Let's run-down the other main events:
  • Lucas decides that Peyton is it. They make out a couple of times. All seems well.
  • Haley goes to the hospital because she's pregnant and in pain. She's all right, but inadvertently learns that her and Nathan will be having a baby boy. I'm guessing he'll be basketball player (Hmm, possible spin-off in 12 years?)
  • Dan Scott tries to make it right with Dante after the victory. No dice.
  • Dante, heated with rage, runs over Haley in his nice car. She doesn't look dead. Dante crashes his car.
  • Nathan, witnessing the run-over, attends to Haley, but then finds Dante, rips him out of his car and punches him to death. Yeah, literally punches him till he dies. Intense stuff.
  • Dan Scott see Nathan do this, then tells him to run away. Dan takes the blame when the police arrive.
  • Lucas, while talking to the paramedics about Haley, has a heart attack. Both him and Haley are whisked away on the ambulance.
I guess you could call that an action-packed episode. It got pretty Shakespearian at the end. More so if Haley and Lucas both end up dead, but I'm guessing this will not be the case. Next week's show focuses on Lucas in a deathbed, "A Christmas Carol" type story line. It looks a tad cheesy, but it should be solid. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer