One Tree Hill: Is Victoria Evil Incarnate?
One Tree Hill: Is Victoria Evil Incarnate?
One Tree Hill is a show that's featured its fair share of psychos.  We all remember crazy Derek, aka Ian Banks, who stalked and kidnapped Peyton until Brooke showed up to save the day.  His unique brand of nuttiness may be topped by Nanny Carrie, who is so obsessed with abducting Jamie (Jackson Brundage) that she's currently tormenting Dan until he agrees to help her.  Of course, Dan himself may be the craziest of them all, though he usually resorts to torturing people through mind games instead of physical harm.  With all of these weirdos running around, Tree Hill is a rather dangerous place to live.

Dan, faux-Derek and Carrie are certainly crazy, but I'm slowly starting to believe that Victoria Davis may be the most insane, unstable character to ever appear on One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill has never been the series to look to for parental role models.  Though Deb (Barbara Alyn Woods) and Karen (Moira Kelly) are fairly awesome, many of the other parental figures on the show are either missing in action or kind of insane.  Dan may seem like the worst parent ever, but at least he's shown some sort of desire to reconnect with the children he's screwed over time and again.  Victoria, on the other hand, doesn't appear to have a sympathetic bone in her body.  She's been nothing but a bitch since her first appearance in season 5, and now her bitchiness is rapidly spiraling out of control.

Many One Tree Hill fans think that Brooke's mother is responsible for the mugging that left her beaten and bruised in last night's episode.  Victoria did show a strong desire to take control of Clothes Over Bro's, and it is rather fishy that the robber took Brooke's latest sketches.  Maybe I'm naive and optimistic, but I'd like to believe this isn't the case.  Victoria has been a horrible beeyotch every single second she's appeared on screen, but there's a world of difference between slinging verbal put-downs and hiring someone to physically assault your daughter.  Is Victoria really that evil?

Maybe she is.  Maybe the mugger was supposed to break in after Brooke (Sophia Bush) left for the evening and things just got out of control.  If Victoria is behind the mugging, how is this storyline going to end?  Now that Brooke's packing heat and indulging in target practice, is a good old fashioned matricide in the future?  I'm not sure I want to see Brooke pushed that far, but if Victoria is the culprit there's certainly no way things can end well.

We'll have to be patient and see how this storyline plays out.  Many fans seem ready to point the finger at Victoria, but part of me still believes that no mother, fictional or not, could be so cruel.  If she truly is behind Brooke's attack, she deserves whatever karmic payback the writers can cook up for her.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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