'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: Secrets Revealed, Audience Yawns
'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: Secrets Revealed, Audience Yawns
Joy Atkinson
Joy Atkinson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As the River Court era comes to an end, many characters find themselves at a crossroads on tonight's episode of One Tree Hill, entitled "Where Not to Look for Freedom." While some have to figure out the best way to deal with the past, others make decisions that alter their futures.

What a Shock

Two months ago, Nathan discovered a beat-up car with booze under the driver's seat in Ian's garage. It seemed obvious that Ian was the one driving the night of the accident that almost killed Brooke and Jamie. Ian parties all the time and has no sense of responsibility. He's a jerk, and he loves his alcohol. Guys like Ian often drink and drive without comprehending what they are doing. Why on earth did Nathan jump to the conclusion that Ian's father was the driver? It just doesn't make sense that a no-nonsense, strict college professor would drive drunk, get into an accident and flee the scene.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like most of tonight's episode was a waste, because the audience already knew the driver was Ian. Mark Schwann tries to pull off a big reveal at the end that Ian was in fact behind the wheel, but it fails to shock because it's just so expected.

Through this whole ordeal, however, mean Professor Kellerman's true self shines through. Despite his fractured relationship with his son, August still takes the fall for Ian and loses the job he loves while accepting that he could go to jail for a crime he did not commit.

Cry Me a River (Court)

In case you guys hadn't noticed, the Tree Hillers have grown up. Their lives are no longer the way they were in high school. The writers just needed to drill this into our heads one last time with the destruction of the River Court. Despite the little-too-late symbolism, I'm just as angry as Skills that they are tearing down the River Court. The River Court IS OTH. Everything started there and everything should end there, much like season 4. (Speaking of, I'm still waiting for all the characters to meet back up at the River Court like they said they would.)

From TH to NYC

Still trying to recover of the knife stabbed in her back by Chloe, Brooke struggles with packing up all the baby items she bought. In the middle of all that, Clothes Over Bros offers Brooke a job as Vice President. She will have complete creative control and be back with her "baby." Life really sucks for Brooke right now. She lost her company because of forged signatures and now said company has offered her a lowly position (yes, VP isn't exactly "lowly" but considering she started the line, it's kind of a slap in the face). The pay is good, however, and Julian and Victoria agree that she should accept the offer even though they will have to move to New York and leave Tree Hill.

With two episodes remaining until the season finale, Brooke needs to decide whether or not she wants to return to the company she once poured her heart and soul into. Now that they know the truth about the accident, Nathan, Clay and Julian must decide whether they will turn Ian in to the cops or let him go free. Tune in next Tuesday to find out.

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