One Life To Live: Week In Review 9/3-9/7
One Life To Live: Week In Review 9/3-9/7
One Life To Live took Labor Day off so we had to wait an extra day this week to find out how Todd was going to react to the news that his son was alive.  When he finds out Michael and Marcie have his son, he is determined to get him back immediately but is stopped by John.  Rex asks Adriana to move in with him but almost immediately after she says yes, gets nervous and feels trapped.  Sarah is given a hard time all week as she waitresses at Capricorn.  We're still trying to figure out Jared's connection to Jessica, who shows up at her house to tell Nash they'll be working very closely together on the vineyard.  Since the McBains vs. the Mannings was the big storyline this week, here are more details on that from this week's episodes of One Life To Live.

Todd Finds Out His Son Is Alive

First, Miles was able to convince Blair of the truth.  Then, it was up to her to get her stubborn husband to listen.  In front of John, Blair shares the evidence with Todd who now realizes that his son, who he thought was dead, has been alive and well in Llanview all this time.  He is understandably upset and immediately heads to get him back but John stops and arrests him before he can leave the office, in order to protect his brother and his wife.  Todd is thrown in jail for attacking Miles after Blair gives a statement.  In jail, Todd's cell is across from Lindsay's, who tries to stop him from ripping a family apart but Todd will do whatever it takes.

Todd Escapes Jail To Go After Michael and Marcie

Todd fakes illness to get the attention of a prison guard.  When he comes to help him, Todd immediately attacks him and ties him up.  He escapes and heads to the courthouse where Lindsay is being arraigned.  Michael and John work to find Marcie so they can tell her the truth but she is busy at the courthouse, supporting Lindsay.  They finally get to her but Todd shows up, too, and points at Tommy yelling that he is his son.  Marcie has no idea what he's talking about but it seems she's about to find out.

Next week on One Life To Live, Todd demands he gets his son back and Michael and Marcie are given one last night with Tommy.   The fallout continues when John admits to Bo that he's been keeping the secret of Tommy's identity.  Todd takes out his anger on Blair.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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