'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Finale Recap: Goodbye, Storybrooke
'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Finale Recap: Goodbye, Storybrooke
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On Once Upon a Time, Greg and Tamara's arrival in Storybooke caused turmoil in the town. August was killed and they retrieved both the trigger to destroy the town and magic beans to prevent anyone from leaving. Will they succeed in ridding their world of magic and Storybrooke in the season 2 finale? The town's residents weren't giving up without a fight. And, that meant even some unlikely partnerships and alliances were formed.

The Trigger

Greg, Tamara, and Hook took the trigger into the mines to activate it and destroy the town of Storybrooke and all the residents. Greg and Tamara claimed they were willing to die for their cause (Does that mean they are from Fairy Tale Land?) and asked Hook if he was willing to die to get revenge by killing Rumple. He answered that he was, but lied.

After they activated the trigger, Hook went to the Charmings to warn them about the trigger and see if they could find a way to stop it. Regina said she could slow it down to allow them time to get the magic beans from Greg and Tamara to escape. 

David and Hook went after them and were able to get one bean. David wanted to go after Greg and Tamara, but Hook reminded him that they succeeded and were running out of time. They took the bean to the diner and prepared people to leave town through the magic bean's portal.

Instead it was decided that they would try to send the trigger through the portal and save Storybrooke. Emma was hesitant at first, but Mary Margaret convinced her. When thrown the bean, Hook grabbed it from Emma. He wasn't okay with the plan. 

Emma asked him to join their group, rather than stick it out alone like he always has done in the past. Hook seemed to relent and gave her the pouch, only when they got to the mine it was empty. Regina's energy was low and she couldn't hold the trigger back much longer.

Instead of giving up hope, Emma considered her inert magic as an option. Could she help Regina destroy the trigger? They worked together and were able to destroy the trigger. They saved Storybrooke.

Can People Really Change?

In season 2, both Regina and Gold tried to be better for their children, but their selfish quests always ended up taking precedent. While Hook had no children, he was driven by his desire for revenge and lonely independence. Is it possible with lives on the line that they could do the right thing? In this case, they actually did change. Miracles can happen.

After all the horrible things that Regina did, she didn't want to be known as the Evil Queen any more. With the fate of the town and her son in her hands, she was willing to sacrifice herself. She used all her power and energy to keep the trigger from killing the townspeople. Henry was left seeing the good in Regina and that's all she's ever wanted.

Gold had a more difficult time. When he saw Henry swinging on the rope swing, he started to use that opportunity to take out the one who would be responsible for his "undoing." When the Charmings showed up, he came to his senses and stopped.

After finding out that Bae had perhaps died, but definitely went through a portal, Gold saw that as his punishment for bringing magic to Storybrooke. He didn't use that pain to lash out, instead he went to see his love, Lacey.

Gold could have kept Lacey until the end, but he realized that he wanted his true love back, Belle and used the potion to bring her true memory back. They kissed and had a loving reunion. 

While Emma and Regina were stopping the trigger, Greg and Tamara kidnapped Henry. They took him through a portal. Without a magic bean of their own, the Charmings and Gold had no way to travel to the other realm to get Henry back.

That was until Hook returned. He realized he didn't want to be alone and wanted to help save the town. He was too late to do that, but the magic bean could be used to go after Henry. Gold and Hook put aside their hate for each other and agreed to work together to find the boy. Quite the unexpected partnership!

Gold used the globe device he got from Cora to track Henry and found that he was in Neverland. And, Hook used the magic bean to open a portal to take his ship there. Hook, Gold, Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, and David headed off in the search for Henry.

It was pretty shocking to see Regina, Gold, and Hook all working together towards one goal that was righteous and for someone else. They all have their own reasons for wanting to save Henry.

Goodbye, Storybrooke

The trigger didn't go off and Storybrooke is safe for now, but others like Greg and Tamara are sure to want to find the magical town. While Gold headed off to find his grandson, he asked Belle to stay behind and watch over the town. He gave her a protection spell to hid it. 

He had to go with his new family even if that meant leaving her behind. Gold didn't care any more about the prophecy, because he knew that he had to protect Henry for Bae. If it was his undoing, so be it.

With so many people, including the Mayor and Sheriff, gone from Storybooke, it seems likely that the town will be left behind in season 3. Or, be seen as the secondary or tertiary storyline within episodes instead of as the primary story as it was in season 1 and season 2. 

Storybrooke will be missed.


In the flashback, we saw the first meeting of Hook and Bae. When Hook realized that Bae was Rumple and Milah's, he had to keep him safe from the Lost Boys and the "he" there.

Hook's feelings for Bae were mixed. He wanted to have the family he was supposed to have had with Milah, but he also knew that Bae could help him kill the Dark One. Which was more important? 

Bae found his mother's picture and attacked Hook. The boy thought the pirate had killed his mother. Hook tried to explain the truth, but Bae wouldn't believe him and demanded to be let off the ship.

Hook complied and turned Bae over the the Lost Boys. When Bae arrived though, they determined that he wasn't the boy "he" was looking for. Instead they were looking for a different boy and showed the picture ... it's Henry!

Years before Henry is even born, someone is looking for him. And, that someone is Peter Pan! An evil Peter Pan? That's an intriguing twist. What will happen when he gets Henry? And, why does he want Henry?

Fairy Tale Land

Neal/Bae isn't dead. At least not yet. Neal landed back in the part of Fairy Tale Land that wasn't affected by the curse and found by Aurora, Mulan and Philip.  Will he be able to find a way back to Neverland to be reunited with his family? Or, will they find their way to him? Or, are they destined to be kept apart?

It's going to be a long wait until fall! At least, Once Upon a Time has already been renewed for  season 3.

What was your favorite part of the finale? Are you happy to see that Regina, Gold, and Hook all changed? And, will they be able to maintain their new outlooks?

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