'Once Upon a Time' Video Sneak Peeks: Pains of the Past on 'Selfless, Brave and True'
'Once Upon a Time' Video Sneak Peeks: Pains of the Past on 'Selfless, Brave and True'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Cora's dead, Mary Margaret's heart is turning black, and the young Owen has returned as an adult to find his father on Once Upon a Time. And, those are only a few of the challenges facing the Storybrooke residents right now. In "Selfless, Brave and True," August returns in the past and in the present. And, another outsider shows up in Storybrooke. Is the town become a "theme park" as Emma calls it?

Spoiler alert: This article contains Once Upon a Time spoilers and clips. 

Official episode synopsis: While Mary Margaret goes off on her own in an attempt to come to grips with what she did to Cora and how her deed has affected her, she stumbles upon August, who has hidden himself away from the others and is completely made of wood -- ashamed at the actions he has taken in life; and Emma is shocked when Neal invites his fiancée, Tamara, to come to Storybrooke. Meanwhile, before the curse was cast, August is introduced to a man of magic who may be able to prevent him from turning back into wood -- but at a steep price.

Check out four revealing sneak peeks from "Selfless, Brave and True."

There were lots of tidbits in this short clip. David makes Mary Margaret breakfast in bed because she is still dealing with the aftermath of killing Cora. 

Emma wants him to stop coddling her and doesn't hold back when she says, "I think it's time to give the hot cocoa and the foot massages a rest and it's time to haul her ass out of bed and and get her to move past this."

After Emma and Henry leave Mary Margaret gets out of bed and prepares a bag to go out into the woods to think ... alone. David is helping with the bean fields and the crops will be done soon. He wants to go home where he thinks it will be better.

Mary Margaret disagrees, "I used Regina to kill her own mother, I don't think going back will erase that."

Owen returns to his room and Regina is waiting there for him. She remembers who he is and she still has the gift he gave her. She wonders why Owen came back. He wants to know what happened to his father. Regina said he left shortly after Owen did. 

Owen: "Not leaving without my father."
Regina: "I'm afraid you are, because he's not here." 

Oh, be careful Owen with how you challenge Regina. He asks, "Or, what?" And, in Regina's threatening style, she replies, "Contrary to what you might think, people can just disappear."

Marco confesses that the wardrobe was built for two. He apologizes for the lie. Mary Margaret is upset knowing that she could have gone with Emma and slaps Marco. Emma is shocked and Mary Margaret says she's not herself. Is the darkness within her spreading?

Neal had Tamara grab some of his stuff and check the storage room. Hook's gone. And, Tamara is headed to Storybrooke. This is gonna be interesting!

Does Emma still have feelings for Neal? Will Neal and August be reunited? And, probably the biggest question of all: Will Mary Margaret lose her sweet, loving heart?

Once Upon a Time airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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