'Once Upon a Time' Recap: The Man in the Mirror
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: The Man in the Mirror
Could the beginning of the end be near for Madame Mayor? Tonight on Once Upon a Time, Sidney Glass recruits Storybrooke Sheriff Emma to help him uncover evidence of Regina's corruption. Yet they aren't the only ones with something up their sleeves. Secret rendezvous are still in the air for Mary Margaret and David as they continue seeing one another. Plus, a fairy tale king is granted three wishes.

After last week's storm, both mother nature's and the one brewing amongst the town of Storybrooke, little Henry hid his book in a locked box buried underground beneath a play castle. So far, only Henry and Emma know of its location, but knowing how this storyline goes, it won't be that way for long.

Breakfast with Mary Margaret is cut short as she gets a text message to meet someone. Emma is soon joined by Sidney Glass, who has been drinking a bit too much. He appears to have dug up some dirt on Regina. He hands over his card before Emma scurries out the door.

So how did the Magic Mirror become so magic anyways? Apparently he didn't start as a mirror at all.

The Genie of Agrabah sits alone in his lamp when King Leopold gives it a gentle rub. His first wish is to free this disgruntled genie. The second he uses to grant the third wish to Genie. The genie vows to never use this wish but to search for true love with his newly found freedom. Leopold seems like a nice man and takes Genie home with him to meet his family, his daughter, Snow, and his wife, Regina. The plot just gets juicier.

Regina has ordered the castle which hides Henry's book to be torn down. This prompts Emma to give Sidney a call. It's time for action!

While Mary Margaret and David meet in the middle of the woods for a romantic getaway complete with wine, Emma meets Sidney in the middle of nowhere. Something about $50,000 puts Regina on the wrong side of a stand-up citizen. Sidney suggests Emma use her bail bondsman secretive ways to obtain the truth, but she would rather stick with the books.

Feeling like an outcast in her own home, Regina flees from the sight of her kingly husband doting on his lovely daughter. Genie comforts her and gives her a mirror to see herself the same way he sees her, "as the fairest in the land."

Emma and Sidney look through old records of city business, finding nothing, so they go straight to the source. Regina says that the records from three weeks ago discussing the $50,000 taken from city funds were most likely burned in the very fire that got the new sheriff elected. Madame Mayor may think she has all her bases covered, but the new sheriff just planted a bug in her office.

Love is such a troublesome thing! King Leopold discovers in Regina's diary that a man has given her a mirror and awakened new feelings within her. He orders Genie to learn the man's identity.

Thanks to the planted microphone, Emma and Sidney learn that the mayor has a meeting with someone in the woods in order to hand over a payment. While on the road, the brakes give way and they crash. Regina is undoubtedly on to them, yet they still run into her mysterious companion. It's none other than Mr. Gold. The mayor has bought land from him, but why?

King Leopold has locked his wife away in the dungeon and only one man can help her now. Her father pops up out of nowhere and hands Genie a locked box. He won't unveil what lies within it, but he must get past the guards and deliver. It's the only way to free her.

Emma and Sidney break into the mayor's home, rummaging through her computer and belongings when Emma finds keys, a bunch of them. Oddities aside, things are put to a halt when Regina spots them and tosses them out.

Genie reaches the queen with the box. What's the big secret? Snakes! Not just any snakes, though. One bite from this viper and death comes to its victim. This is the only way for Regina to be free from her prison unless, as Genie suggests, the king receives the fatal bite.

"The Stranger" finds Henry at Granny's Diner hurriedly scrambling to remember all the details he lost in his book. Stick people and messy cursive writing adorn sheets of paper. Unfortunately, this is about as much as we get out of this scene. The new guy leaves before Henry can get any answers out of him.

Emma and Sidney have much better luck with Regina, though, or so we were hoping. They confront her in front of the council at a town meeting, exposing her plans to build a lavish home in the woods for herself. Whether it was quick thinking on her part or the truth, we won't know for now, but Regina explains that she's merely building a playhouse for her son and the other children of Storybrooke to enjoy safely. Back to the old drawing board, I suppose.

Genie stands over King Leopold's bed as the snakes slither up to his neck and attack. His skin turns black as Genie takes his hand and explains that he has found love in his freedom and must now free the queen. With his last breath, the dying king expresses how he should have kept the last wish for himself.

So Madame Mayor is now even more angry and continuing to tell people what they can and cannot do. Emma is not allowed to see little Henry for awhile. But now who will find the missing book? Or, rather, recover the missing book from "The Stranger." Oh well. At least Emma and Sidney now have a standing alliance.

Genie is bursting with love all over the castle as he skips over to his queen until she lays the not-so-great news on him. The guards have discovered the snakes which bit the king. They came from Agrabah, the homeplace of Genie. He must flee the castle, never to be with Regina.

She set him up from the start. She only used him to kill the king and give her free reign to do as she pleases. Genie has his own trick. He uses his last wish to stay with her forever. Things backfire, though, and he's trapped inside of the mirror always to work as an instrument to her schemes.

This leads us back to Storybrooke. It was all one giant hoax to lure Emma closer. Sidney was a pawn, earning her trust piece by piece. Now every little step she makes, Regina will always be one step ahead.

Next Sunday on Once Upon a Time, Emilie de Ravin guest stars as Belle. The story of Beauty and the Beast is a timeless one, told in many ways. Yet this adaptation involves a real monster, Rumpelstiltskin. See the story unfold next week at 8pm on ABC.

Jilliane Johnson
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