'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Finding Redemption in Storybrooke
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Finding Redemption in Storybrooke
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Wow. Once Upon a Time was a packed hour of shocking reveals which presented many more questions than answers. On "Selfless, Brave, and True," August's past was revealed to be selfish, and less than brave or true. And, even more importantly a run-in he had years prior has arrived in Storybrooke with a seemingly malicious plan and unexpected partner.

Who is Tamara?

She initially appeared to be a normal New York City girl that was engaged to marry Neal, but she is so much more. After an awkward introduction to Emma and Henry, Neal decided to share his history with Tamara. Honesty is usually a good policy, but his life story is pretty unbelievable.

It turned out Tamara feigned her shock and disbelief, because she both knows about Fairy Tale Land and was fully aware of Neal's connection to it before they even met. That final reveal of the episode and her "accidental" run in with Neal was quite a surprise.

Who she is and what she is doing is a new mystery of the show. What was revealed is that she tracked down the Dragon, took the magic potion, killed the Dragon, tracked August, started dating Neal, and at some point she met Owen and is really dating him. This isn't just about finding Kurt, it appears they have much bigger plans.

In some ways I'm intrigued by this new plot twist, but at the same time, it seems to be way out there and unbelievable. For now, I'm going to wait and see how it all plays out. One positive is that there's no one blocking Neal and Emma from reuniting. Once Tamara's secret is out, Henry's parents can have their happily ever after ... maybe.

Remaining True

August didn't remain true, which is probably the main reason that he started to turn to wood. He stopped looking after Emma, he stole, and then manipulated others for his own selfish needs. 

Though, when it came down to curing himself and protecting those he grew to love, he chose the righteous path. He returned to Storybrooke to warn them about Tamara. It was unfortunate that she was able to zap him like she did the Dragon (Speaking of, how powerful was that zapper to kill the Dragon?) and killed them both.

August's final sacrifice was selfles, brave and true, which allowed the Blue Fairy to save his life. Instead of returning to the man that he was, he was reanimated back into a boy. And, with no memory of the warning.

I'll miss the adult August. He would have been a good addition to Storybrooke and friend to Emma and Neal. Though, that's probably why the writers made the choice they did. Plus, a young boy wouldn't need to be seen as much.

Just as August had to find his own true self, so does Mary Margaret. Her decision to go into the woods, shoot arrows, and think was the right thing to do. Even though she smacked Marco after finding out how he lied about the wardrobe, she has begun to find her own redemption for killing Cora.

Confronting Owen

Regina figured out that the mystery man in Storybrooke is Owen. She confronted him and said that his father left Storybrooke shortly after he did as a child. Owen didn't believe her (and neither do I). 

She commanded him to leave town though he didn't look threatened by her at all. We also finally found out who was on the other end of his phone calls -- Tamara. They are plotting something together and also lovers. 

Will the threat facing Storybrooke from Tamara and Owen be what drives Regina forgive Mary Margaret? Most likely the mayor will have to work with all the town's residents to fight off this new threat in town.

What do Tamara and Owen want? Does she care about Neal at all? Or, is it all a ruse? Are you disappointed that adult August is gone?

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