'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Pan's Threat and the Charmings' Regret
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Pan's Threat and the Charmings' Regret
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once Upon a Time promises to delve into the mystery of Emma, the "lost child." Emma grew up in foster care, did time in prison, lost a child to adoption and was a bail bondsperson. Her son found her, and she broke a curse which led to her parents. She knows she's a savior, but what else is in store? It's been a wonderful journey so far, and I can't wait for more.

Rumpelstiltskin's Reveal

Rumple conjures fire for a bonfire, which produces his shadow. By using his "name" knife, he cuts his shadow free and sends it to find Henry! Wow, now we know what a wraith is -- a shadow that has been cut free!

Rumple has an unexpected visit from Belle. He first thinks it's a trick -- even after she tells him Storybrooke is protected and that he has brought her to Neverland. She's the person he trusts most. He admits to being scared that he will be selfish when he finds Henry and not save him. He is afraid of being like his father, who abandoned him. The doll that Pan sent him was the last thing his father gave him.

Belle tells Rumple that he needs to lose that doll and the feeling of cowardice. After she leaves, he throws the thing over a cliff, but it keeps coming back. He burns one, but a second one appears.

The Misfits Look for Henry

Our band of misfits walk through the jungle where Charming gets a lesson on plant poison. Romance seems to be blooming between Hook and Emma -- Captain Swan hinting, folks! The group reaches Pan's lair to find nothing, and Hook warns that the island is dangerous. Regina wants to search and Emma agrees, but the rest want to make camp.

Emma is restless and hears crying. She pulls her sword and follows the noise. Pan appears and introduces himself. Emma goes for his throat. Pan and Emma talk and we learn that Emma's "savior" status is what Pan is interested in. He offers a map that will help her find Henry, but there is a catch: to use the map, Emma must admit who she is.

Regina wants to immediately go in search of Henry using magic. Hook tells her that they better follow Pan's advice since the island is Pan's trap. After Emma has no luck after going through her known history, Regina grabs the map and uses a locator spell. The map floats off but leads them into a trap, where Pan calls Emma a cheater -- no way, Pan, that's Regina's style -- and a fight ensues. While it first appears looks like no one is injured, Charming is.

After the battle, Mary Margaret tries to bolster Emma's confidence. Emma admits she couldn't kill the boy because she saw herself when looking in his face She remembers being an orphan in the foster system and her feeling of despair. Emma declares she's not a hero or savior and Mary Margaret sees the map appear. Hook knows the location, which will be dangerous to reach. Once again, we get the glimpse of Captain Hook. These two have chemistry.

Pan does come back to visit Emma with congratulations on her success. She has passed his test by realizing she's an orphan. Then he reveals the threat. By the time they find Henry, he will realize that he is one too and hate Emma. Pan also plans to destroy the Charmings.

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The Enchanted Forest

A recap from season 1 shows us true love's kiss as Snow comes back to life. Regina is warned by the magic mirror and learns of the proposal. That doesn't upset Regina, but the threat of losing the kingdom does. Snow and Charming plan to take it back and call the townspeople together.

Regina shows up and offers Snow the chance of going to a sheep farm with Charming and the dwarfs, but Snow must renounce the kingdom by bowing to Regina and swearing on her knees that Regina is the queen. If Snow refuses the offer, Regina will kill a townsperson every day until Snow does.

Snow and Charming try to figure out what to do. She realizes that Regina has to point her finger when she casts a spell. She really doesn't want to be queen at the cost of lives, and the dwarfs tell Charming to back off! Suddenly, light dawns and he knows what to do. He visits Rumpelstiltskin, who gives him no help.

That doesn't stop Charming, who tells Snow that there is a sword a half day away that will make her a leader. They go and Snow thinks it is Excalibur. Charming can't draw it from the stone, but Snow does. They arrive back in town in time for Regina's visit. Regina starts to kill Grumpy, but Snow attacks with the sword. Regina disappears, and Snow again lunges and draws blood from Regina's cheek. She disappears and everyone celebrates.

Snow goes in search of Rumpelstiltskin to pay Charming's debt only to learn that the sword isn't Excalibur. She goes back, angry, but realizes that Charming has done this to bolster her courage and they kiss.

Next week, Tink shows up, and she and Regina have a long history that isn't pretty.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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