'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Moms Can Do Anything
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Moms Can Do Anything
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once Upon a Time's misfits are in chaos. Not only is Henry apparently dead (or dying), but an evil Pan is circling the island and is a threat. Yet we still will get a glimpse into Henry's past as a baby. Will Regina have to remember her love for the baby to save the child?

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The Enchanted Forest

As the curse hits, Rumple is in prison and the Queen comes to gloat. She senses victory, but Rumple asks her how she felt when she ripped her father's heart out. She admits she hated doing it, but it was the curse's price. Rumple reminds her of Snow's missing child. He tells Regina that she has a hole in her heart. The Queen thinks Rumple wants out of the cage, but he tells her that he's where he wants to be.


Was it only two weeks ago that Henry willingly gave his heart to Pan? While Pan gloats about Rumple, Emma cuts Pan and off he flies. Regina has used a preservation spell to keep Henry alive. She tells Emma that she can't know how she feels. Emma urges her to save Henry. Regina notices blood on Emma's sword. If we can hurt him, she says, we can kill him. Yes, revenge is coming at you, Pan!

The rest are informed of Rumple's fate, and Regina threatens Felix who will not talk. That's right -- Regina will rip out his heart. Emma tells her they need to try a mother's reasoning. Emma talks to the boys about being an orphan but finding her family. She offers them the opportunity to return to Storybrooke. While Felix won't budge, one of the younger ones tells Emma about Pan's thinking tree. They will take her there if she swears to take them home with her.

Wendy cares for Henry while the rest plan. Hook must get the Jolly Roger ready. Snow will go with her daughter and Regina. Regina finds Pandora's Box and realizes it may be a trap, which it is because Snow throws it. Snow may have a black heart, but she trusts too much.

Pan gloats again and accuses them of falling for the trap because they are mothers. He offers death so they can be with Henry. The tree is important to Pan. Then he drops the bombshell: he's Rumple's father. The tree attacks the captives' regrets. As he taunts each with their sins, Regina shows no regret and breaks all free. She grabs Henry's heart. Pan collapses and Regina grabs Pandora's Box. She says, Let's go save Henry.

They reach Henry and Regina returns his heart. He gives both mothers a hug and tells them he wanted to be a hero. While he rests, Regina casts a spell so no one can take his heart again. As Regina leaves, Peter arrives with evil on his mind. While Neil brings Rumple back and has a warm welcome, Pan tries to grab the heart. After Neil tells Rumple that he's nothing like Pan, Rumple feels something is wrong. Pan can't grab the heart, but Rumple sends Pan into Pandora's Box (but we later learn that's Henry). Regina gets scared, and Rumple tells her that she raised him well.

As the ship takes flight, the misfits light the cannon, release the shadow and Regina puts a spell on it. Charming talks to Emma about his concerns and calls her their leader. Tink talks to Wendy who gives her pixie dust because she believes in Tink. Henry reveals to Felix that he is now Pan.

Storybrooke, In the Past

Artie is in Regina's office trying to do psychobabble because he fears she has a hole in her life (not heart). Artie tells her she needs someone (a child). Regina visits Gold and wants him to cut through "red tape" to find a baby. He can help but questions whether she is ready for a child, for she must put the child first.

Gold has word of a child in Phoenix who was supposed to be adopted by a Boston family. Regina tells the agency that Storybrooke is like a fairy tale. The adoption is closed, meaning she can never know anything about the birth parents. The baby is named Henry for her father.

Regina is at the diner with a crying Henry. Granny suggests a story. When Henry won't stop crying, Regina visits Dr. Whale, who tells her the child needs a mother's love. When she suggests a test, Whale tells her that they will be inconclusive unless they know something about the birth parents. As Regina speaks to Whale, Mary Margaret holds Henry who doesn't cry. When Regina takes him, the tears start.

At her home, Regina asks Henry for a chance and he stops crying. Her phone rings and Sidney has found information on the birth mother. Regina learns that the child was born to a woman found outside of Storybrooke 18 years ago. (That's right, Regina.) She goes to Gold, who is so good at playing dumb that Regina has trouble because he denies knowledge of knowing about the curse. She decides to stop the adoption and takes Henry back to Boston. At the last moment, she can't give him up to the new parents, who turned out to be the Darling boys.

Artie talks to Regina ,who is scared that the birth mother will come for the child. She's worried about fate and destiny. Artie tells her not to worry about the future but the present, and she takes the baby to see her father's grave. She tells Henry the story of the curse and calls him her prince. Regina cast another spell so she forgets her worries, troubles and fears.

Next week, grudges come into play and Pan's truth may be revealed through Emma's feelings.

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