'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Control Freaks
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Control Freaks
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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You don't fear what you can control. That's the lesson Once Upon a Time wants us to learn in "Child of the Moon" anyway. Also, fire is bad. Very bad... Find out why in this recap!

The Beer Before the Lunacy...

Down in the caves below Storybrooke, the dwarfs finally find their fairy dust. Turns out, fairy dust is just crushed-up diamonds. Couldn't they have just robbed a jewelry store or something?

But that doesn't matter now, because they have the dust. Used along with the Mad Hatter's hat, David will be able to get his wife and daughter home again. Yay! Beers for everyone! Except for Henry. Henry drinks coffee, because of those creepy fire dreams. David wisely tells Henry not to worry and has him get a Coke instead of coffee. Kind of seems like a lateral move...

Trouble, meanwhile, is brewing. Evil Spencer, the former King George, shows up to mock and threaten David. Then Ruby gets asked out on a date by Billy, a guy who used to be a mouse named Gus (aka, the fat mouse from Cinderella). Ruby has to say no -- it's the Full Moon and she can't find her red cape.

A Better Mouse Wolf Trap

In the absence of her cape -- and with close to 30 years of never changing -- Ruby worries that her wolf nature will cause chaos and murder and stuff. So she and Granny move the lasagna so the girl can be imprisoned in the freezer.

Obviously, that's not going to work.

Claw marks and destruction are all that remain in the morning. David and Granny eventually find Ruby (fully-clothed?) in the woods, her memories of the previous night lost. But everything is OK, right?

Not so much. Poor Billy the Former Mouse had injury added to insult when **someone ripped him in half next to his tow truck. Ruby immediately assumes it was her and demands to be jailed for the safety of everyone.

Did Ruby really do it?

Once Upon a Time...

Back in the fairytale land, we learn the roots of Ruby's considerable existential angst. She tears her red cape while being pursued by the Queen's soldiers and insists on splitting up from Snow. Thus, Red has the chance to find some long-lost family.

A hot guy named Quinn (who may or may not be Red's brother) takes the werewolf girl down into what is randomly a sunken room from a castle. Because apparently that happens in fairytale land. There, Red meets a woman named Anita -- her supposedly dead mother.

Anita teaches Red that, by accepting the wolf, she can remember everything about the transformation and can even control herself. Once she has control, everything is peachy!

Well, it's peachy until Snow White comes looking for her friend. The wolves are wary of the intruder and are quickly proven correct when soldiers follow Snow into the underground castle, shooting and killing Quinn.

This makes Anita angry. She orders Snow tied to a pillar so they can eat her. Red must make a choice: choose a human or choose the wolves. Her choice, and I quote: "I chose me!" She seriously says this. Girl power, cliche style! Woo!

Unfortunately for Red's self-actualized resolve, her choice leads to Anita's accidental death-by-fire-poker. At least she still has Snow!

Anybody Got a Pitchfork? It's Angry Mob Time!

Red did kill -- even when in control -- back in fairytale land. But did she this time? An angry mob of faceless villagers, led of course by Spencer, sure thinks so. They break into the police station, ready for a good-old-fashioned lynching, but Ruby is gone!

She's at the library, where David, Granny and Belle try to assure the girl that she is a good dog girl who would never kill anyone. Ruby isn't so sure. Because of this, as soon as Granny and David leave to investigate the murder, Ruby shackles Belle to a bookshelf and goes to turn herself in to the agitated townsfolk.

They have fiery torches now!!! It's a proper mob!

Surprise! She's Innocent!

OK, so it's not much of a surprise that Ruby is not the killer. The real killer turns out to be Spencer, a fact David and Granny learn when they find a bloody ax and Ruby's red cloak in the man's trunk.

They even find out the truth in time to stop Spencer and the torch-wielding villagers from ripping Ruby to pieces. While Granny subdues the leader, David talks Ruby down and gives her back the cloak. Yay! She really is a good person!

Also, we don't have to watch the terrible wolf graphics anymore.  You'd think a successful show like this would be able to afford better wolf effects. You'd be wrong.

Spencer Is a Bad Man

David may be an awesome prince and sheriff, but he isn't always so observant. While his attention is on Ruby, Spencer knocks down Granny and makes his escape. The formerly bloodthirsty mob is apparently bored now and lets him go.

He went to the beach to have a bonfire, as you do after murder and a failed lynching. But wait! Spencer has also managed to get his hands on the Mad Hatter's hat! And he's burning it!

What a jerk!

But David is a nice guy, and he can't kill Spencer even now. I kind of wish Ruby had taken the initiative here, but I guess that's a bad message for the kids. Oh well.

Disco Inferno!

As mentioned earlier, Henry is still having those crazy nightmares (just like Aurora over in fairytale land). This time, however, we get to see the horrors... And it's a fiery disco? Somebody at Once Upon a Time apparently has it in for '70s dance music because John Travolta and some white pants would look totally at home in Henry's dream.

It's truly horrifying.

The dream is so horrifying, in fact, that Regina takes Henry to Mr. Gold for help. Because this kind of dream is the result of Regina's sleep curse, there isn't an actual cure. Henry is stuck hanging out in the fiery disco indefinitely.

At least Gold can offer Henry the next best thing: Control. Using a magic necklace, Henry will be able to control his dreams. This way, he will be able to avoid fire burns and disco beats.

It works. The next time Henry has the nightmare, he manages to control the fire... And he talks to Aurora.

Remember the ladies caught in the fairytale land? We haven't seen them for awhile, but it turns out that they're still around. Aurora wakes up from her own nightmare with the news that she spoke to Henry.

They have made contact. Burn, baby, burn!

How will the dreams relate to the rest of the Once Upon a Time action? Should David have killed Spencer? Would you have ever believed that Granny's lasagna is frozen? Leave your comments below!

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