'Once Upon a Time' Recap: What Nasty Things Did Rumple Bring?
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: What Nasty Things Did Rumple Bring?
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once Upon a Time has a new resident in Neverland: Neil (Bael) has arrived! Previews have teased that Rumple and Neil will meet -- and we may learn more about Rumple's past in Neverland. Will we learn what he did to Pan?


Last week, Neil arrived in Neverland. Found by Felix, Neil proves he can fight. Rumple, meanwhile, is preparing for war when "Castle Belle" arrives. She reminds him of the prophecy and uses the word "undoing." Wait a minute, Belle changed the meaning of the prophecy by not saying "death." Belle is waiting in Storybrooke. Rumple tells her that he must redeem himself by saving Henry.

Rumple runs up on two "lost boys" and knocks them out, taking their weapons. He is suddenly surprised by Neil's arrival. At first, Rumple can't buy the truth, thinking Pan is playing on his fear. Neil convinces him and tells Rumple that he was in the Enchanted Forest. Neil accuses him of being overdramatic with the dying bit (pot meet kettle). Neil has a plan where no one will die. At the shore, Neil picks up a shell, blows and calls an octopus. He will kill Pan with a single shot and get Henry back.

The Misfit gang is making plans. Tink is ready to go but reminds them of the poison spears. She asks for an exit plan. When Charming says family finds a way, she shows them proof of Owen and Tamara's deaths and leaves. Hook admits that he had permission from Pan to leave the island. Bael is the only one who left without Pan's permission.

Hook leads them to a cave and tells Charming to tell his family he is dying. Charming refuses. (He wants no tears.) In the cave, Emma sees Neil and realizes it is an escape plan. Bael is one smart boy. He created a nightlight (candle in shell) that leads home. Hook taught Neil to read the stars. Neil is the only person who can read the chart, and Emma runs out remembering that Neil is dead. Emma is angry because she lost Neil, but she never stopped loving him. Snow tells Charming she knows how Emma feels because she'd feel the same way if he died.

Pan's Camp

In Pan's camp, Henry won't join in his celebration because he's not like the others. Pan pulls out his magic pipe, but Henry can't hear its tune. This surprises Pan, but Felix arrives with news of Neil's arrival and the sentries. Pan sets a trap.

When Rumple and Neil arrive, Neil does get a shot off at Pan, who catches the arrow and begins to glow. Pan warns Neil about the prophecy and that Rumple plans to kill Henry. Rumple tells Neil about the seer. Again, we are reminded that a boy will reunite Rumple with his son, but it will be his undoing. Neil smartly puts it together, making Rumple admit he had planned to kill Henry. Rumple promises that things have changed. Self-preservation is a nasty habit. Rumple asks for trust, but Neil demands the black dagger, which is hidden. Rumple promises that he will die for Henry because he is Neil's son: Neil is Rumple's happy ending.

Grasping hands, Neil paralyzes Rumple, grabs Henry and starts out to find Emma. Pan is waiting and takes Henry back. Pan tells Neil that he (Pan) has been protecting Henry. Pan plans a game with Neil for Henry. He reminds Neil that no one can leave without his permission. Neil reminds him that he did. Pan wants to know why he came back and tells the group to take Neil away. Hey, we know this one, Pan. Neil came for Henry and Emma!

Rumple breaks the spell and finds Belle waiting for him. She knows his heart and knows he will protect Henry. Rumple won't die because he has something to live for -- his family. Rumple questions if she truly believes and she tells him she does. Belle reminds him that habits can be changed, but Rumple asks her to leave.

In Pan's camp, Henry awakes again to the celebration. Pan tells him he took a nap, but Henry tells Pan he heard his father. Pan tells him that his father's voice and his mother finding him is all a dream. Pan plays the pipe again. Henry hears the music this time (or acts like he does).

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An Enchanted Forest Flashback

Rumple returns home with a gift for Bael, who won't take it. Bael's desire is for freedom, but Rumple tells him that his enemies will kill him. Neil thinks that Rumple's scared he will not return if he goes out into the world.

When Bael disappears, Rumple goes to a local village and threatens them. They too have lost all their children to a figure in multicolored clothes. Rumple hides and watches the children leave their home. Following them, he finds them dancing around a bonfire with someone playing the pipe.

Breaking the pipe, Rumple comes face to face with Pan, who knows Rumple from a long time ago. Pan congratulates Rumple for becoming the Dark One. Pan reminds him of his time as a lost one and that, because of Rumple, Pan is alone in Neverland. Pan is building a new group of friends and Bael will be part of it. He knows that Rumple fears being abandoned and shows him Bael.

Rumple magically takes them back to the cabin where Bael tells him that he would have chosen his father. Bael rushes out of the cabin. I guess this is where he fell down the portal.

Next week, the truth about Hook comes out, and we have the kiss with daddy's warning.

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