'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Magic or Science?
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Magic or Science?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Once Upon a Time finally revealed the Fairy Tale Land identity of the mysterious Dr. Whale in "The Doctor." His initial meeting with Regina was the trigger that turned the sweet, unmalicious girl into the Evil Queen all due to the manipulations of Rumple. Surprisingly, Regina's story was quite sad and makes her slightly more sympathetic.

The Doctor is Revealed and the Evil Queen Born

Doctor Whale's true identity was finally revealed to be Dr. Victor Frankenstein. This was a bit of a let down because I always hoped that Dr. Whale would be a good, sweet guy, almost the opposite of Dr. Frankenstein. Plus, the preview implied that's who he was and I thought maybe that was to mislead us.

At the same time, the story was quite interesting, especially in Fairy Tale Land That Was. Regina was manipulated into using dark magic, when Rumple made a deal with Frankenstein and the Mad Hatter.

Frankenstein pretended at an attempt to bring Daniel back to life, so he could take the magical heart that he learned about from Rumple. With Daniel still dead, Regina had no reason to stay pure and hopeful, instead she turned to her dark side.

She showed up to Rumple dressed in black and grabbed a poor girl's heart and crushed it. Meanwhile, Frankenstein was back in his magical realm using the heart meant for Daniel to bring his brother back to life.

The birth of the Evil Queen is a sad story. Rumple has manipulated the poor Regina at every move. It is he that is to blame for her corruption and it almost makes Regina a sympathetic character. She has been played from the very beginning. Even the Evil Queen's curse was due to the evil Rumple.

Regina Wants Redemption

The Evil Queen wants Henry back and realized the only way is to give up magic. She went to Archie for help. She took the first step, realized what her problem was and then sought out help.

Only her progress was interrupted when Dr. Whale decided to "help" Regina by bringing Daniel back to life. Not only did Dr. Whale lose his arm, but Daniel attacked Henry at the staples.

When it came down to it, Daniel didn't want to live this new life and Regina couldn't allow him to either. Though, this meeting gave them the opportunity to say good-bye. Despite her love for him, Regina used magic to freeze Daniel and then crushed him into dust.

Instead of seeking revenge against Dr. Whale or acting out against another, Regina returned to Archie for help. She used magic and wanted to stop. I never thought I'd see it in a million years, but Regina has seen the error of her ways and truly wants to change.

There's no angle. If she stops using magic, she realizes she can get her son back and that's all that matters. It's unlikely to be an easy quest for her. What happens if she can use her magic to get Emma and Snow back? Will she use it for Henry? Or, deny him his other mother and grandmother?

The Gals Hook Hook

In Fairy Tale Land That Is, Snow, Emma, Mulan and Aurora returned to the village and found it ransacked. At first they believed it was done by Ogres, but quickly recognized the handiwork of Cora. 

There is only one survivor  Killian Jones. He told them he lost his hand in an Ogre attack and asked them to help him. They were immediately suspicious and tied Killian to a tree. He spinned them a story, but Emma recognized the lies. She calls for the Ogres and threatened to leave him.

Killian believed her threat and revealed the truth. He told them his true identity of Hook and that he was working with Cora. Cora left him behind to find out how they were planning on returning to Storybrooke. He even told them about the remains of the magic wardrobe that Cora to took.

Emma may be out of her world, but she has remained a strong force among the other strong women with her. Killian let them in on a secret. In order to get to Storybrooke, they need to retrieve a compass that is up the bean stalk and through a giant.
The woman decided to go with Killian to get this mysterious compass. 

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