'Once Upon a Time' Recap: A Sacrifice is Made
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: A Sacrifice is Made
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The  first season finale of Once Upon a Time is nearing! What on earth shall we do without our fairytale drama? While we'll have months of withdrawals from Storybrooke, there are still two episodes left. This gives us a short amount of time to save August from turning back into a tree, find The Mad Hatter, figure out where Mr. Gold's real son is, see Mary Margaret and David become a legitimate couple, defeat Regina and lift the curse. Piece of cake!

After learning the true identity behind August's mysterious lurking about, Emma has been given the guts needed to take little Henry and run for the hills. But there is still so much to be done! Henry will put up a good fight once more to make his biological mother believe that she has much more important things to do in order to lift the curse. Plus, Snow White's efforts to free Prince Charming from captivity will spark an all-out battle against The Evil Queen!

Regina sits at dinner, looking quite focused on her meaty meal. Henry sits across from her when the doorbell rings. It's Sheriff Swan, who says, "Henry invited me." She says she didn't come for dinner, though. She came for "you," meaning Regina. She turns around to an empty table. The doorway is now full of Storybrooke townspeople. Henry stands with a large and heavy rope. They tie her up to a tree in the middle of the town. Emma grabs a black apple from one of its branches and squeezes it dry.

Regina can't believe Henry is allowing this to happen! "You did this to yourself!" he shouts. And with a swing of a sword given to her by David, Regina wakes from her nightmare. She hurries to her adopted son's bedroom and thankfully sees him under his covers and returns to her room. Yet, it's only stacked pillows. Henry is gone.

Henry and his mother take the road out of Storybrooke as he does all he can to keep her from leaving before her duties are done. He takes the wheel and the car swerves off the road. Hard not to listen after coming close to death.

Charming is brought to King George and put into the guillotine. It all looks to be the worst, until the blade turns to water. The Evil Queen walks up and proposes a deal. She wants to use Charming against Snow White, to defeat her nemesis once and for all.

Regina seems to be thinking about all these things as she picks an apple from her backyard tree. A stop is made by Mr. Gold's pawn shop to speak with her old friend. Another deal is being struck. She'll give anything in order to get rid of Emma and not shatter the curse. "You no longer have anything I want, deary," giggles Mr. Gold. Once the town wakes from the curse, "they'll be looking for blood." Don't look so scared, Regina!

Regina makes a stop at Henry's school, leaving a White Rabbit playing card on Paige's bicycle. What could she be up to now?

Emma returns home to a disgruntled Mary Margaret. "We're like family," she says in a very upset mother-like tone, and wants to know why she left without so much as a goodbye. It gets even worse when Emma explains that she attempted to flee with Henry. "You have to do what's right for Henry now," says MM, who wants her to "figure it out." I like my Snow White with a little backbone!

Snow, the dwarfs, Granny and Red Riding Hood band together to rescue Charming. He sits in a lonely dungeon cell as the Queen comes to pay him a visit. She basically teases the poor wuss, saying that she doesn't have death in mind for his beloved. She soon walks out of his cell and presents a single red apple.

Regina looks out of the window, looking worried, when the door shuts behind her. It's Jefferson, otherwise known as The Mad Hatter! Her message was well received, it seems. Unfortunately, she proposes that he'll receive his daughter back in order to use his hat one last time to get rid of Emma. Young Grace will be wakened from her life as Paige in Storybrooke to remember her father and return to him. What's this? Jefferson claims that "remembering is the worst curse." He wants a fresh start with a new story. Granted, but not until he's taken care of "Ms. Swan."

Snow, Granny and the dwarfs wait for the signal. A wolf's howl carries through the night sky. "Thanks, Red," whispers Snow. The troops fall in behind her. Someone remembers their fallen friend: "I miss Stealthy." The Blue Fairy and her fairy sisters prepare for their overhead attack as well. Everyone's all in as the kingdom is infiltrated by foot. Snow and the dwarfs have made their way past the guards successfully only to be met by ... more guards. It looks like a lost cause until the fairies fly over and sprinkle sleep dust over the enemy!

Henry hurries into August's room. The first conversation between Henry and someone of fairytale background who knows the truth is finally had! The man once known as "the wooden boy" shows what the curse is doing to him. The young boy is ecstatic! Yet August tells him, "I'm out of Code Cobra." It's up to Henry to make his mother believe before it's too late.

Emma sits in Granny's Diner with Dr. Archie and it looks like her biological son is the topic of conversation. Is he better off with Emma or Regina? "It's a matter of ending this battle," he says.

Snow makes it to Charming's cell and hurriedly makes her way inside. Joke's on her, though! It's not actually Charming; it's a mirror. The troubled lovers' meeting is cut short when, like a scene from The Wizard of Oz, the Queen appears huffing about wanting to avoid cleaning lip stains from the glass. She suggest a parlay where it all began.

Snow lays down her weapons on the round table in front of her dearest friends. Red makes it known that she doesn't "trust that Queen." Snow leaves.

Regina leads Jefferson down to her basement filled with "trinkets" from her royal years in fairytale land. The hat is laid on the ground, but nothing happens. Something that still holds magic must be used in order to see the hat work. Regina reluctantly drops her ring given to her by her lover Daniel into the hat. A swirl of purple clouds appear, but it's still not enough. No one can go through, but something can be retrieved. She must "guide the hat," as Jefferson orders. Soon enough, the purple whirlwind returns. Can anyone guess what she looks to bring back? You got it! An apple.

The lonely Queen revisits her family's stable, looking over the place where she last saw her love, Daniel. Snow walks up behind her and her evil nature returns. They make their way to Daniel's grave. All this time, Snow believed that Daniel ran away, "but he died because of you" -- the Queen lays it on thick. The apple is once again presented. This is nothing like the Disney version, kids. The apple must be eaten by her own free will. Once eaten, Charming's life will be spared.

"Then you have won," says Snow, just before she takes a bite. As the poison seeps into her veins, Charming feels chest pains. Snow falls to the ground and the apple slips from her hand, down the hill and into a hole at which it pops out of Jefferson's hat and into his hand. Now how to make her target consume it?

Regina chops up the apple and looks as though she bakes something with it. Just then, another ring of the doorbell. It's Emma once again with a message. She says that she's leaving, but they have to work things out in order to both be in Henry's life. The oven timer sounds and Emma follows Regina into the kitchen where she offers her apple turnover for the road. "I do hope you like apples," she says and hands it over.

Red and Granny enter the stable, searching for their friend when the dwarfs call from the hill. Snow still lies on the ground, not breathing. "She sacrificed herself for all of us," whimpers Grumpy. The Evil Queen sits in her bedchamber, laughing and giddy as a schoolgirl while looking at her mirror at an upset Charming in his cell.

Regina enters Mr. Gold's shop once more just to bark at him about how she won. He'll be stuck in Storybrooke forever and whatever plan he had, well, he can forget about it. He has no words for her. He simply stands there and lets her run her mouth.

Emma sets the turnover on the table of her apartment and opens the door to find little Henry. With tears in her eyes, she pleads with him to be a good boy and not run away or skip school. "You're the only one that can stop her!" he continues to try. He spots the turnover and tells her it's poison. SHE STILL DOESN'T BELIEVE HIM! So he takes it into his own hands -- literally. Henry takes a bite of the turnover and soon after falls to the floor, unconscious!

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This is it! Next Sunday is the season finale of Once Upon a Time. Here is when the ultimate battle of good vs. evil will come to an end. As Henry lies in a hospital bed, Emma will go head to head with Regina. Magic returns to Storybrooke!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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