'Once Upon a Time' Recap: How to Hatch a Dwarf
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: How to Hatch a Dwarf
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Our two week wait is over! Once Upon a Time returns with more fairytale mash-ups and enchanted character cameos than any supernatural enthusiast can dare to dream of. When we left off, Storybrooke was still in the palm of Madame Mayor Regina's hand. A freak accident has left Kathryn, David's wife and modern day Princess Abigail, nowhere to be found.

Tonight's episode follows Sheriff Emma Swan as she investigates Kathryn's disappearance. With David and Mary Margaret having reasonable motive for doing away with the one person in the way of their forbidden romance, a backstory tale of love lost seems fitting. Belle returns as Grumpy's love story with the clumsy fairy Nova is told.

Tonight's journey begins above the clouds where the fairies live. A clumsy young fairy named Nova carries a year's supply of fairy dust, but as much as her mentor advises her on what to do, she continues to make mistakes. The dust seeps from her sack down through the mines to a cave filled with eggs. One particular egg hatches, revealing a man. Two overseers welcome the young dwarf to life.

Granny's Diner is busy today as Leroy sits at the counter enjoying his breakfast, cracking an egg. The pharmacist and a friend bug him, sneezing on his food. Mary Margaret enters, announcing her efforts to plan the Miner's Day Festival. Everyone listens, yet no one volunteers. On his way out, Leroy comments that "the town drunk and the town harlot" would be quite the pair.

Sitting in the corner of the diner, Emma follows M.M. outside. She tries to lift her spirits when she gets a phone call that sends her off to work.

Leroy makes his way through the festival preparations when a patch of snow covers him. Astrid, a volunteer, is clumsily fiddling with the lighting. Leroy lends a helping hand then shares that he always wanted to go sailing. Before awkwardly walking away, Astrid shares some words that someone once told her: "You can do anything as long as you can dream."

Emma has met up with Sidney Glass at the scene of Kathryn's crashed car. Her luggage is still left inside the trunk. How could this possibly have happened? Who could be behind it all? Just then, David pulls up in his truck. "You really think he doesn't know?" asks Sidney. We'll soon find out!

"There are no female dwarfs. Dwarfs don't fall in love." These are just a few of the rules told to the new dwarf as he is cleaned and equipped for work in the mines. Once given his axe, his name appears on its handle: Dreamy. They whistle off to work.

Leroy steps up to Mary Margaret's booth, wanting to help sell candles. She spits out the rules of no drinking and no cursing and hands over an application. Across the way, Astrid is getting barked at about spending the budget "on helium." He vows to sell ALL the candles in order to keep Astrid and her team in Storybrooke. Astrid calls Leroy her "hero" while M.M's face calls him a moron.

Emma swears to David, who's clueless of what's going on, that if Kathryn is missing, she will find her. Meanwhile, Madame Mayor is printing out Kathryn's phone records. With a simple call to her right hand man, Sidney, it seems a plan is underway.

The inner workings of the dwarfs' job underground looks a whole lot more technical than what Disney made it to be. The machines empty the coals down a conveyor belt and they empty out through this way and dump down to that thing. You know, that whole process. Nova needs help pulling a lever as she collects the fairy dust from the diamonds; luckily, Dreamy is right there. But OOPS! She leaves her dust bag in the machine, so right back up he goes to save the day.

She's so heartbroken that she just cannot do anything because of her clumsiness. "You can do anything, as long as you can dream," smiles Dreamy. Nova sort of asks Dreamy out on a date, but it totally goes over his head. Oh, fairytale love...

Mary Margaret is struggling to sell candles, but nobody is taking the bait. Leroy suggests they go to the potential buyers. The unlikely pair run into Sidney and Emma. Emma is en route for Kathryn's phone records. Mary Margaret and Leroy attempt door to door selling, but that doesn't work either.

Dreamy sits in a pub full of drunken tomfoolery, not able to focus on anything. "You're in love," beams a voice from behind him. It's Belle! Gorgeous and yet obviously lonely, she encourages Dreamy that Nova was trying to invite him to "be with her" tonight on the hilltop to watch fireflies.

Leroy walks up to Astrid again, wanting to tell her the truth about his and M.M.'s failure with the candles. How can one resist the adorable face of hers, though. He boasts that she won't have to move to any crummy convent; they sold all the boxes! Mary Margaret is not happy, but Leroy receives the biggest of big hugs.

"When I say I'm gonna get that $5,000, I'm gonna get that $5,000!" Leroy means business! So what if he loves a nun? Mary Margaret will just have to deal, I suppose. I mean, she loves a married man, so it's a pretty even exchange.

Dreamy runs up to the hilltop and meets Nova, overlooking a gorgeous scene of stars, the village, the river. He suggests they sail off together. Under the beaming lights of of the fireflies, Nova kisses him and agrees to his plan. "Sounds like a dream come true."

Leroy stands on the docks with Mr. Gold, overlooking his boat. He's trying to sell his boat for the $5,000, but at the sound of give the money to the nuns, Mr. Gold is out. "Let's just say I have my reasons," he says as he limps off on his cane. Astrid stops by with a pie, completely enthralled by the boat when she discovers the unsold boxes of candles. He tells the truth and apologizes, but the damage is done. She walks away.

Sidney hands over the phone records, showing that on the day of her disappearance, Kathryn made an eight minute phone call to David. Emma doesn't want to believe it, but you can't ignore what's on paper.

Leroy walks in to Granny's and tells Red, "I'll have what she's having." He joins M.M. at the bar. Two unlikely lovers down on their luck.

Dreamy is sneaking out but, of course, Stealthy notices. All the other dwarfs wake to send him off. "You're a dwarf, Dreamy, you're incapable of love." The dwarf boss catches him before he gets too far off. Nova's teacher swoops down suddenly and tells him that the choice is his, if Nova will be a great fairy or not. No pressure!

Collectively, Leroy and M.M. decide that sitting at the bar drinking "won't end this pain." He only wanted one moment with Astrid and he knows what to do. He climbs atop a building. M.M. freaks out that he'll jump, ending it all. Relax! He takes an ax to the light post, creating a blackout over the festival grounds. "I'm selling candles, sister!" Genius idea!

"Dreamy, you control what changes in your life." Poor Nova, she's prepared the ship equipped with all the maps and tools they would need to start their adventurous life together. Unfortunately, the blue fairy has ended all that with her words to Dreamy. He belongs in the mines and she with her fellow fairies.

Dreamy returns to the mines, looking for his ax. He takes to the rock, hitting the mess out of it. It breaks. "Bossy, get me another axe." He takes it in his hand; it reads "Grumpy." Grumpy returns to work.

Leroy's clever idea means they've successfully sold all their candles. "Go on, have your moment," M.M. encourages. He takes the news of the money earned to Astrid. He aspires to fix up his boat and maybe she will be his first passenger.

Emma sits in her office, looking over Kathryn's phone records when Regina walks in. She wants to know about the investigation and when Emma won't give up the information she threatens to put someone at the helm of things who can do the job right.

Mary Margaret begins to close up shop and get into her car when she reads the word "TRAMP" still adorning the windows. As she walks back over the fields, her extinguished candle is lit by Granny with a smile. Looking over her, David turns to see Emma, who asks him to go down to the station for questioning. The crowd turns to see him enter the sheriff's car. Mary Margaret stops dead in her tracks.

Next week on Once Upon a Time, there's danger to be stopped and the usually found victims fight to be the heroes as Granny and Red Riding Hood finally come to the forefront.The Big Bad Wolf is on a killing spree and someone must stop him before more blood is shed. Watch what happens next Sunday at 8pm on ABC.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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