Olympics 2012: What We Learn From Twitter--Olympians Watch TV Too
Olympics 2012: What We Learn From Twitter--Olympians Watch TV Too
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Yes, we know they're impossibly talented athletes. They dazzle us how far the human body can be pushed and embody pure competitive spirit. But what we really want to know as we watch the Olympics is what else do these athletes like to do? You know, when they're not spending endless hours in training camps and rigorous workouts.

Thanks to Twitter, we learn they are a lot like us (minus the Olympic medals)--in other words, they enjoy a good TV show (and tweeting about it). Here is a sample of what these Olympians watch in their spare time, via their personal tweets.

Michael Phelps (Swimming) watches: The Wire
@MichaelPhelps: "Just got back from @todayshow and started some more of #theWire"

Jordyn Wieber (Gymnastics) watches: Teen Wolf
@jordyn_wieber: "teen wolf. Teen wolf. Teen wolf."

Missy Franklin (Swimming) watches: The Big Bang Theory
@FranklinMissy: "Watching the Big Bang Theory>>>>>"

Lolo Jones (Track &Field) watches: Four Weddings
@lolojones: "TLC marathon of #fourweddings. I'm angrier with each episode. Where is he?!?!?! *Rips out patches of my hair* I want some wedding cake."

Aly Raisman (Gymnastics) watches: American Idol and Ridiculousness
@Aly_Raisman: "These #americanidol contestants are unbelievable, I totally sound like them in the shower... #bigdreams"

@Aly_Raisman: "Dying of laughter watching this MTV show I've never heard of called ridiculousness with @gabrielledoug and @AnnaLi_88 SO WEIRD"

Allison Schmitt (Swimming) watches: Modern Family (but not Jersey Shore)
@arschmitty: "@mallory_obrien modern family..good one. Try it out!"

@arschmitty: "Watching jersey shore for the first time... #dontdoit. This show should not be aired...I'm #embarassed for them."

Nathan Adrian (Swimming) watches: How I Met Your Mother
@Nathangadrian: "Avengers was amazing! Cobie smulders will always be robin sparkles to me #howimetyourmother #letsgotothemall"

Cullen Jones (Gymnastics) watches: Game of Thrones
@Cullen_Jones: "After a nap watching some "Space Jam" then "Game of Thrones" tonight!"

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