Nip/Tuck: Episode 5.6 "Damien Sands" Recap
Nip/Tuck: Episode 5.6 "Damien Sands" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Nip/Tuck: Sean had a fight with actress girlfriend Kate because she wanted to participate in group sex. Olivia's daughter Eden was a total tramp who tried to seduce Sean and blackmail Christian for sleeping with Julia, her mom's girlfriend.  Christian tricked her and made it look like she was a drug addict, so her mom had her thrown into rehab.  Also, Christian dabbled in male prostitution.

Tonight's very special episode of Nip/Tuck features a reality TV crew filming Plastic Fantastic, a new plastic surgery reality show starring the surgeons at McNamara/Troy. Seeing as how the highlight of this season has been Hearts 'n' Scalpels and the way Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy skewered his own show, I suspect tonight he'll have reality television in his crosshairs.  Tonight also brings special guest stars Leslie Grossman (Mary Cherry from Popular) and I Love New York star Tiffany "New York" Pollard.

Christian (Julian McMahon) begins the episode trying to convince Sean (Dylan Walsh) that they should star in a reality TV show because it's what's hot and popular, since there are no "overpaid writers."  Ooh, topical!  Sean is doubtful, but relents because Christians pleads with him to do it.

After the credits, we get right into documentary footage of our favorite surgeons talking to the cameras, setting up their reality show.  Then there's possibly the greatest thing ever, when we see the reality show opening credits for Plastic Fantastic.   Throughout the whole show, we get swoosh sound effects to cut between scenes, and it so perfectly captures the feel of a cheesy reality show.

The patient du jour is Damien Sands, an older gentleman who Christian believes to be a male prostitute.  The patient does not want any drugs during the procedure, but rather requests acupuncture during his neck tuck.  Conveniently, Julia's girlfriend Olivia is an acupuncturist who they call in.

Liz (Roma Maffia) gets a great line after Christian mocks her, telling the camera their relationship is like Bill and Hillary...or Ike and Tina.  This is followed by a slapping sound effect!  Christian is playing an acupuncture guinea pig, and he lets it slip that Liz doesn't believe Julia (Joely Richardson) is really gay.

During the surgery, Damien Sands is making veiled references to exposing Christian's temporary life as a male prostitute, so Christian puts him to sleep.  Then Eden bursts in and starts cursing at Christian, and her curses are covered with happy faces on her mouth and clown horns on the audio.  Later, Damien is happy with his surgery, and he makes sure to warn Christian against entering his world again.

Eden is covered in cigarette burns from the other rehab residents.  Eden spills that Christian and Julia slept together.  Julia breaks down in a confessional, and when she asks the cameras to stop, they tell her she signed a release, so she accepts that.  She confronts Liz, believing Liz is in love with Olivia, and when she orders the cameras out, a hidden camera captrues the action.  Later, it also also catches Eden telling Sean she lied about Christian and Julia, which is a double lie.

Then we get Christian's new PR agent talking about how no one knows about the hidden cameras.  The agent is named Bliss and is played by Leslie Grossman, aka Mary Cherry from Ryan Murphy's previous show, Popular.  She is personal icon of mine, so this is so awesome.  Bliss explains she knows reality TV, running through a quick list of her favorites (including Hey Paula) so she gets reality's biggest star,  New York, to come in and give Christian advice on starring in a reality show.  New York tells him he needs to be more interesting and start conflict.  Basically, it's a tiny cameo, and we saw the entirety of this role during her set visit on her own reality show, I Love New York 2.

Christian immediately starts stirring things up, calling Julia to say he saw Liz and Olivia making out, though it was just a small innocent kiss.  Julia busts into McNamara/Troy and goes off, creating a massive three-way lesbian cat fight.  Olivia apologizes because it was her action,

Later, Sean and Christian are watching the first rough cut of Plastic Fantastic, which appears to be exactly what we've seen thus far.  They're upset because it makes them look awful.  Since they signed a deal for a 13-episode order, they try to fire Bliss, but Bliss responds that the network tested the show and turned it down because the focus groups hated it.  One respondent said the show "jumped the shark five minutes into the pilot."

In the aftermath of the show, Christian tries to apologize to Liz, but she doesn't want to hear it.  Sean talks to Eden after her surgery to cure the cigarette burns, and Eden whines that her mom is sending her to public school.  She tries to play nice for Sean, and he starts to buy it.  They kiss, he considers it, then he goes back for even more.  For the lesbians, Julia is having doubts about her ability to be openly gay in public, but they work things out and make up.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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