'Nikita' Recap: Things That Make Your Heart Stop
'Nikita' Recap: Things That Make Your Heart Stop
In tonight's episode, Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) see things differently when it comes to trusting the government, while Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Sean (Dillon Casey) grow closer.

Man Down

Team Nikita heads to Berlin to pose as buyers so they can obtain plutonium-forged triggers. They know Percy (Xander Berkeley) is after the same merchandise, but if they can get the triggers first, it will take Percy a long time to find adequate replacements. As usual, Percy already has a Division team in place waiting to intercept the triggers. Percy's people exchange fire with Team Nikita and Sean is shot, while a Division agent escapes with the triggers.

Everyone is Dirty

Thinking Percy plans to build a nuclear bomb, Ryan says Percy still needs missile casings to complete it and they can track down any available casings using CIA resources. Ryan says the new CIA Director is a good man and he can be trusted, but Nikita is hesitant. She met the same man, Morgan Kendrick, several years earlier and believes Kendrick is dirty.

Michael and Ryan decide to take their chances and Ryan reaches out to Kendrick. Ryan asks Kendrick for help and tells the Director to contact him with an answer. Nikita bugs Kendrick's phone and hears Kendrick contact Percy about Ryan's reappearance before calling Ryan, claiming he wants to help. Kendrick and Ryan arrange a meeting that is sure to be an ambush, complete with Division agents. But Nikita plans to kill the corrupt director first and set Division up for the fall.

More Than Meets the Eye

Ryan figures out that Kendrick gave him a coded message and with some assistance from Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford), they realize Kendrick is helping Percy under duress. Percy implanted a kill-chip near Kendrick's heart and now Nikita's people have to save Kendrick from Division. Birkhoff manages to find a signal to Kendrick's pacemaker and after taking it offline for a brief time, he is able to re-boot Kendrick's pacemaker and short-out the kill-chip.

While Birkhoff is online, Division tracks down Team Nikita's home-base, so they are forced to destroy it and Ryan kindly offers them residence at his safe house. Team Nikita is stronger than ever and thanks to Kendrick, they have access to the CIA's intelligence network and a friend inside the government. Unfortunately, whatever Percy has planned is almost complete and it is not the creation of a bomb. Will Nikita be able to figure out Percy's end-game in time?

These Lips Are Made for Healing

After Sean is shot, Alex watches over him. This leads to Sean telling Alex how he feels about her, which Alex assumes he says due to the pain meds and his brush with death. Luckily, Sean clears things up by pulling Alex into one heck of a kiss and we now have another spy-couple to root for.

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