'Nikita' Recap: Old Friends Reunited
'Nikita' Recap: Old Friends Reunited
In tonight's episode of Nikita, Michael (Shane West) helps Nikita (Maggie Q) handle a personal situation, while Percy (Xander Berkeley) gets in touch with a former colleague.

Keep your friends close...

After Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) loses her Division watch-dogs, she finds Michael and Nikita and tells them that Amanda (Melinda Clarke) now has absolute control over Division. But at the moment, Amanda only has one mission on her agenda -- to bring Alexandra Udinov back from the dead. Nikita agrees with Alex that she should continue working with Amanda, so Alex returns to Division where Amanda has come up with a cover story so Alex can make her grand return. Amanda says Semak only has control of Zetrov because the world thinks all the Udinovs are dead and Alex's reappearance will change everything. But all Alex cares about is getting her mother away from Semak and Amanda vows to stay with Alex every step of the way. (Though I doubt Alex finds that notion comforting.)

Protect Carla

Percy's first move upon escaping from Amanda's clutches is to go after Nikita. He sends her a message by murdering a cop and getting 'Nikita Mears' mentioned on the news. Percy then calls Nikita via Senator Pierce (Alberta Watson) and tells her he is going to take someone she loves away from her. Nikita is not worried until Percy mentions Carla Bennett, the woman who got Nikita clean back in the day. It then becomes a race to see who can get to Carla first.


Nikita uses Senator Pierce to send a message to Carla via a particular phrase that meant something to both of them. Carla contacts Nikita and they agree to meet in Baltimore, which Roan (Rob Stewart) overhears while he is spying on Nikita for Percy. Unfortunately, things get worse when the phrase Senator Pierce used pings an alert on Division's systems. Apparently, Amanda also wants Carla dead.

Alex gives Nikita a heads-up about the kill order Amanda has placed on Carla and Nikita figures out that Carla must have been working for Division. Though Carla, now reunited with Nikita, says she has no knowledge of Division, she recognizes Amanda's name. Apparently, Division was called something else when Carla worked with them and Carla claims she knew nothing about Nikita's involvement. When Percy and his men arrive, Carla chooses to leave with them in order to protect Nikita.


As it turns out, Carla has been on the run from Division for years, ever since Amanda tried to have her killed. Percy says that Amanda's grudge against Carla must be personal, but Carla claims she has no idea why Amanda still wants her dead. Amanda and Nikita manage to track Carla through Percy and the inevitable shoot-out occurs. Percy and his people escape, while Nikita and Michael rescue Carla. Once the smoke clears, Nikita wants answers from her former friend. Carla continues to insist that she knew nothing about Nikita's involvement with Division and that it is a nightmare scenario for her because all she ever wanted was to help Nikita. Michael does not believe Carla and says he never heard of her in all of his years working for Division. Carla explains that is because she was never in the program, she created it.

So what does it all mean? Carla's involvement with Division could provide some much-needed information for Team Nikita, as the woman who created Division probably knows a lot of ways to bring it down. But where does Amanda fit in? What is the connection between Carla and Amanda and why is whatever happened between them so bad that Amanda will do anything to put Carla six-feet-under? With Carla slated to appear in next week's episode, maybe we will finally get those answers.

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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