'Nikita' Recap: Man Down
'Nikita' Recap: Man Down
On tonight's episode of Nikita, Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) tries to help Nikita (Maggie Q) identify members of Oversight, but their mission goes astray and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) plans her own Russian op to kill Sergei Semak.

Mission Oversight

After stealing some of Oversight's money, Nikita's new mission is to uncover the identities of the other Oversight members (she already knows about Senator Pierce). Birkhoff plants a tracker in Senator Pierce's coffee so he and Nikita can follow her to a meeting with the Oversight big-wigs.

Nikita infiltrates the meeting and is able to get pictures of three Oversight leaders, but Sean (Dillon Casey) is tipped off and ends the meeting before the last member arrives. Nikita escapes but Birkhoff is taken hostage by a Division team.

Under the Radar and on Her Own

Sean finds Alex as she plans her mission to kill Semak. Alex tells him that she plans to go undercover as a sex worker in order to get back into Russia without anyone noticing. Sean gives her a good luck charm in the form of her father's watch and asks her to check in with him.

Alex goes undercover at an illegal club and then calls Immigration. The immigration officer decides to deport all the girls back to Russia, just as Alex planned. However, when they arrive in Russia, the immigration officer turns out to be dirty and Alex has to kill him and the thugs he was going to give the girls over to. Alex then rescues all the girls.

Some Torture and a Trade

Amanda (Melinda Clarke) decides to interrogate Birkhoff herself instead of leaving the task to her underlings. She puts Birkhoff through the ringer, but he refuses to give up the whereabouts of Nikita or the black box.

Amanda is moments from frying Birkhoff's brain when Nikita calls to make a trade. Nikita offers to give up the black box in exchange for Birkhoff, but she will only deal with Sean (as she now knows that Sean is Pierce's son). Sean meets Nikita for the trade, but once Nikita gets Birkhoff back, Sean shoots the black box instead of turning it over to Division.

Welcome Home, Nerd

Back in the safety of their headquarters, Nikita apologizes to Birkhoff for being so reckless and putting his life on the line. Birkhoff tells her that he knows what he signed up for and thanks her for coming to rescue him. Nikita advises Birkhoff to take care of himself and says she is heading off to find Owen and join him in his search for another black box.

Alex and Sean Set Things in Motion

Senator Pierce (Alberta Watson) is not impressed that Sean destroyed the black box, so she tells him to put Alex to use. Luckily, after Alex gives the girls brand new identities, she calls Sean to tell him that she has arrived safely. As it turns out, the watch Sean gave Alex has a tracker in it so Sean can keep tabs on Alex while she is in Russia.

With Nikita on her way to track down another black box with the guy who is working for Gogol and Alex on what could be a suicide mission, how will our heroines survive these new challenges? Will they get some help from the boys, and if so, will Sean be one of them? Did his chat with Nikita change things or will it be his feelings for Alex that help Sean see the light, if he sees it at all? On the next episode of Nikita, Alex finally sets her sights on Sergei Semak in the mid-season finale, airing December 2nd.

Megan Cole
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