'New Girl' Review: 'Kids' Create Chaos
'New Girl' Review: 'Kids' Create Chaos
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
In many ways this week's episode seemed like a rehashing of one of this show's major themes: adults who are still desperately trying to grow up. Entitled "Kids," the episode focused on literal kids (Jess babysits Russell's daughter Sarah; Schmidt and Cece have a pregnancy scare) and how adults can be like kids, too (Nick dates a college girl who is revealed to be 18; Winston must look after his lost, cowardly boss). Through the shenanigans we've come to expect each week, we see a glimpse into Schmidt and Cece's growing feelings and are introduced to Russell's ex-wife Ouli (guest star Jeanne Tripplehorn).

Comedic Highlights:
  • Jess and Cece pondering what a Schmidt baby would be like ("Would he just want to breastfeed 24 hours a day?")
  • Schmidt pondering why Cece's acting weird and if she's finally becoming "a girl"
  • Sarah asking Jess a string of incredibly awkward, inaccurate sex questions
  • Again, Schmidt proving pronunciation is a source of comedic gold ("poppocorno" and his list of Jewish boy names for his baby, including Mordecai and Schmerson)
  • Schmidt and Nick aka "Nick-ole's" phone conversation, in which Schmidt pretends he's asking out a girl and Nick fails to notice the conversation is out of the ordinary
  • Winston and his ridiculous boss bonding after they raid a yard sale
  • Schmidt pretending he knows Ouli and attempting to convince her how they met
  • Nick's unabashed, childlike excitement at Italy on Ice on his date with Schmidt
Will They or Won't They?
Along with the solid laughs this episode provided, the story came back to the two potential relationships in the group: Schmidt and Cece (moving beyond purely physical) and Jess and Nick (even though Jess is dating Mr. Fancyman). Last week, it was Cece who started to realize she had serious feelings for their resident douche, but this week the tables turned again and it was Schmidt who, through his excitement about their possible baby, was ready to take their relationship a step (or several) further. First, he asks Cece out on an actual date (see clip below), and at the end of the episode, he's prepared to propose, only to learn that Cece, still coming off the pregnancy start, wants some distance.

Nick and Jess' chemistry was definitely more subtle, but I still feel like the writers are slowly laying the foundation for their eventual relationship. From Sarah asking Jess if she thinks Nick is hot to their shared moment of vulnerability outside Jess' locked door, it seems like Jess will ultimately realize she just wants someone "who can make you laugh," and that person is most surely Nick.

What did you all think of this week's episode? Were you surprised at Schmidt's failed proposal? Do you think Jess and Nick will start something by the end of the season?

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