'New Girl' Casting Roundup: Meet Winston's Sister, Older Nick and the New Shot Girl
'New Girl' Casting Roundup: Meet Winston's Sister, Older Nick and the New Shot Girl
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Keenyah Hill, Raymond Barry and Parker Posey have all been booked for the second season of New Girl. Read on to find out more about their characters.

Meet Winston's Sister

New Girl will be putting the spotlight on Winston's family in an episode of the upcoming sophomore season. According to TV Guide, America's Next Top Model cycle 4 finalist Keenyah Hill has been cast as Winston's sister Alisha, who is a professional basketball player.

Scheduled to appear in the second episode of season 2, Alisha visits her brother when her basketball team arrives in town. She also bumps into Schmidt, who challenges her to a one-on-one game of hoops in attempt to pursue her romantically. Unfortunately, hostility towards Schmidt appears to run in Winston's family because not only does Winston's mother hates Schmidt, his sister loathes him too.

Meet the Old Nick

Also appearing in the second episode of season 2 is Justified actor Raymond Barry, who, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be appearing as an old version of Nick. There won't be a flash-forward or dream sequence but fans can expect a twist as Barry's character shows up in a bar claiming to be a time traveler from the future while a drunk Nick has a chat with his future self.

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Meet the New "Shot Girl"

As reported previously, the second season opener will feature a party to celebrate the removal of Schmidt's penis cast. Knocked Up actress Leslie Mann was originally booked for the role of the "shot girl" who is involved in the party but now TV Line is reporting that there's been a casting change due to Mann's scheduling conflict. Parker Pose, who starred in the sitcom The Return of Jezebel James, will take over the role instead.

New Girl returns on September 25 on FOX. 

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