'New Girl' and 'Raising Hope': Adorable + Insane = Hilarious
'New Girl' and 'Raising Hope': Adorable + Insane = Hilarious
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There are few things funnier than adorable people acting in insane ways. After all, they're crazy, but you still love them! On Tuesday nights this fall, FOX has managed to schedule not one but two shows that successfully combine the ingredients of adorableness and insanity in such a way that we just can't stop laughing.

Although very different shows at first glance, Tuesday night's New Girl and Raising Hope share in the hilarity-inducing traits of being both adorable and insane.

Raising Hope and New Girl are two of the most adorable things on television. Why?

As evidenced by the title of Raising Hope, there is a baby named Hope at the center of this show. And, like most babies (especially on TV), Hope is ridiculously cute. Her extended family swirling around her like the world's funniest tornado, little Hope manages to react with grins, giggles and occasional looks of shocked bewilderment.

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The only way to build on such adorableness is to follow the path of New Girl.

Don't look for babies on New Girl. And thank goodness -- the dysfunctional singles inhabiting that world should never have any influence on a helpless infant. While technically adults, Jess and the boys are little more than children themselves.

It's super cute.

At the forefront of this cuteness is, of course, Zooey Deschanel's Jess. Her wide-eyed innocence about men, relationships and life itself is almost as adorable as a giggling baby. You really can't help but love this lady.

Adorable by itself isn't that funny. But when you add in the fact that everybody on both New Girl and Raising Hope is insane, the hilarity quotient jumps way up.

On New Girl, Jess sings to herself (and anybody around her) whenever she feels insecure. Schmidt takes off his shirt at the slightest provocation. Characters break into song and don bizarre hats in order to show solidarity. Even the basic arrangement of someone like Jess living with three single guys is a bit crazy.

Raising Hope's Chances aren't any saner. And the insanity doesn't stop with MawMaw's lost marbles. Or with Hope's recently-executed serial-killer mother. Or with Dancing Dan, the roller-skating homeless person. Or with Virginia and Burt's adherence to the rules they've learned from watching television...

Basically, they're all nuts.

At first glance, there is little in common between Raising Hope and New Girl.

The Chances of Raising Hope have barely ascended to the bottom rung of the lower middle-class ladder, while New Girl is filled with young and single professional types. Raising Hope puts family above everything, while New Girl depicts the lives of unrelated individuals coming together to save on rent. And there are neither babies nor senile great-great grandmothers on New Girl.

But when you look at what makes the shows and their characters hilarious, the similar themes arise. Both shows are truly adorable. Both are filled with the certifiably insane.

And both are hilarious.

New Girl and Raising Hope air on FOX Tuesdays starting at 8pm.

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