'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Idioms, Glammothers and Beyonce Doppelgangers?
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Idioms, Glammothers and Beyonce Doppelgangers?
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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We begin tonight's episode at NeNe's for some role play in the kitchen between her and Gregg. Well, not really. They play a little bit and then her son, Bryson, walks in with his new baby, Bri'Asia. We then learn that NeNe found out she was going to be a grandmother by running into the baby mama while she was out and about in town. The baby mama was six months preggers at the time. If you would've fainted in public after receiving this news, raise your hand. Good, we're in this together. I mean, seriously, Bryson?!

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Make Way for the Glammother

But NeNe is NeNe. She's glass half-full and hopes that having Bri will settle Bryson, just as having Bryson settled her. She's also excited to spoil a little girl. "Glammother and Glambaby" -- I'm sure Andy Cohen is already in the development stage of this future show.

Sassy Tween Queen

Meanwhile, over at Kandi's, her adorable pup is pestering her adorable daughter, Riley, while she does her homework. Man, I wish I could rock glasses like hers. The two ladies and Todd work on Riley's homework together like the adorable little family they are. Then Riley, in her adorable punk-rock sass, calls Todd out for dating her mom for two months and then being in her house. I love this kid. Todd takes it well and is playful right back.

Where's Walter?

Kenya meets her Aunt Lori for lunch. Get this: Lori actually likes Walter! What?! Kenya shares her recent issues with Walter. She immediately begins crying while talking about him. Lori tries to wake her up that clearly something is wrong and a discussion between her and Walter needs to happen. Yes, let's hope she dumps him. 

Lamps and Prenups

Porsha takes Kandi out for some home decor shopping. The two are complete opposites when it comes to shopping. Porsha refuses to look at prices and receipts (must be nice!), and Kandi is on a budget, no matter what her income is. They look at lamps, pillows, fabrics and talk prenups. Then the conversation moves from the adorable couples within the group to how evil Kenya is. Kandi shoots the conversation down right away because she has no interest in drama.

Glammother and Glambaby's Day Out

NeNe takes Bri out for a shopping trip with Cynthia. They create a pile of clothes they plan on buying Bri within five minutes of being there. Cynthia and NeNe snuggle and coo all over her. She understands her boundaries as the "Glamma" and not the mama, but is enjoying her time with Bri. 

Kraving Kenya

Kenya is doing a photo shoot for Krave magazine and Kandi shows up for support. She also arrives with a gift. To get her through her ongoing issues with Walter, Kandi presents Kenya with a brand new vibrator. Yeah! Get yours, Kenya! After Kandi leaves, she gets in the boxing ring for her shoot. She gets those boxing gloves on and gets madder and madder thinking about Walter. Can't say I blame her, but just end it already. 

Cocktails for NeNe

Over at Cynthia's, everyone arrives for NeNe's going away cocktail party. It's very low-key and relaxed. The boys step away for some man-sip (man gossip) and tequila. The ladies sit down and Kenya starts telling a story about someone mistaking her for Beyonce. And how it happens every day. Hmmm ... judging by the simultaneous eye-roll, the ladies aren't buying it either. Porsha makes a crack about looking like Solange, but not wanting to be Kenya's sister, and we remember how immature she is. We end with a beautiful toast to NeNe and her newfound success with The New Normal. How awesome is that show, by the way? 

Walter Woes

Kenya goes fishing with Walter as a way to change things up and do something that he enjoys. He teaches her how to throw the line (is that what you call it?) and then refuses to get it for her when it gets stuck in the water. Then she brings up the problems they've been having. He's evasive and rude right off the bat. He's vague, answers a question with a question and is just all-around garbage. Kenya, dump him!

She tells him everything she has been feeling. Puts it all out there. Which is good. No matter what he says at this point, she'll have no regrets about sharing her needs. He tells her that he felt really pressured to propose in Anguilla. We end with Kenya telling Walter that it's not working. He agrees and practically laughs as he says it. Kenya says she's done and disgusted with him. Let's hope the breakup sticks.

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