Exclusive 'Necessary Roughness' Video: Time for Dani to Get Back on the Bull
Exclusive 'Necessary Roughness' Video: Time for Dani to Get Back on the Bull
On the verge of getting engaged, last week on Necessary Roughness Dani and Matt faced the elephant in the room, the topic of having kids. Dani's been clear that she is done while Matt's been wavering all season saying he's okay with the decision but deep down thinking he could eventually change Dani's mind. They broke up.

This week, Dani and Matt are back to work and it's going to be tense. How do you go back to being co-workers and just friends when you still love one another? Maybe Dani's new client, a professional bull rider will be enough of a distraction.

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In the exclusive clip below Dani squirms watching the bull rider get tossed around like a rag doll. And it looks like he has some advice for Dani as well: It's time to get back on the horse bull.

After watching him in action, how can you not be afraid? That should be an Olympic event.

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