[VIDEO] 'NCIS' Episode 11.2 Sneak Peek: What Will Happen to Tony and Ziva?
[VIDEO] 'NCIS' Episode 11.2 Sneak Peek: What Will Happen to Tony and Ziva?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We are just one day away from the episode that is going to change NCIS forever. Check out a sneak peek video from "Past, Present and Future" and see what clues it gives about Ziva's final episode. 

NCIS is only one pisode into Season 11 and already the emotions have been running on high. Last week saw the team getting back together after everything that happened at the end of Season 10, but there was still one team member missing. Appearing only as words on a screen, Ziva had some revealing conversations with Tony, but what do they really mean?

Check out the sneak peek video for the episode and see what clues it provides. 

Here's what we know from the video:

Everyone, including Abby, will still be clueless as to Ziva's whereabouts. 

Tony's search for Ziva may take a while, judging by the beard that he's sporting in the video. 

Despite Tony's misgivings, Gibbs has not given up on Ziva. 

Ziva will be found - in an orchard of some kind. 

Tony will find Ziva and he will ask her to come home. 

Ziva isn't convinced that going back to D.C. is such a good idea. 

Ziva will convince Tony to go home without her. She will also apparently convince him to shave the beard. 

Ziva will say a line that is sure to have every Tiva fan's heart skip a beat or two: "Tony, you are so..loved."

There will be a Tony and Ziva kiss! And not an undercover kiss, or a peck or a brotherly/sisterly kiss, but a real kiss. 

What does it all mean? There are so many possible scenarios that it is almost impossible to say where either of their heads are at by the end of the episode. Have they declared their love for each other and decided on a long-distance relationship? Did they decide that there was something between them but it would be impossible to pursue given their very different life paths now that she's (we assume) not going back to NCIS

What did you think after watching the sneak peek video from the NCIS episode "Past Present Future"? What do you think it means for Tony and Ziva?

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