Tuesday Night Ratings Analysis - 10/2/07
Tuesday Night Ratings Analysis - 10/2/07
I do not get it.  At all.  Nothing against CBS' Parade of Similar Procedurals Starring Vaguely Famous and Vaguely Attractive Middle-Aged Men, but where did NCIS come from?  It was the number two show on TV last night, barely losing out to House and somehow beating the Dancing with the Stars results show.  I don't want to slander NCIS in the least. I've never watched it and it may just be the best TV show in the world.  However, I've never met anyone who watches NCIS.  Where do these millions of viewers come from?   Somehow, last night's NCIS had a 19 percent gain in viewers from its season premiere, which is almost unheard of.  I'll leave it to smarter people than me to decipher such mysteries. 

Highest Rated Show of Night:
House – 17.3 million viewers

8pm Time Slot Winner: NCIS – 16.3 million viewers

9pm Time Slot Winner: House

10pm Time Slot Winner: Law & Order: SVU – 11.7 million viewers

As I said, NCIS won the 8pm slot, destroying its competition.  ABC's duo of comedies (Cavemen and Carpoolers) debuted with respectable numbers, each receiving about 8 million viewers.  Expect those numbers to go down significantly next week, amid all the negative reviews.  Bones came in third with around 7.5 million people tuning in and the CW's Beauty and the Geek turned up around 2.7 million viewers.

The 9pm time slot was much more contentious, with House edging out Dancing with the Stars by about a million, also beating the reality show in the big demographics.  Reaper lost about 400k and ended up with 2.8 million watchers, a very respectable number for that network. 

Boston Legal lost out to Law & Order: SVU by about a million.  Cane was a big disappointment, losing 17 percent from its series debut last week.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TV Guide
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