'NCIS' Season 10 Video: Who Survives and How Do They Move On?
'NCIS' Season 10 Video: Who Survives and How Do They Move On?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
You could say that NCIS season 9 ended with a bang. Literally. The explosion at the NCIS headquarters left just about everyone in jeopardy. Will all of our favorite NCIS characters make it into season 10? Check out this video for some of the answers.

WARNING: There are major NCIS season 10 spoilers in this article. We're talking about who lives and who (maybe) dies. Do not continue if such things terrify you more than explosions and the like.

The NCIS season 10 video promo for "Extreme Prejudice" deals almost entirely with the aftermath from last season's finale explosion. Check it out here:

What do we learn from all of this?

  • Ducky has been injured. Badly. Yes, he can talk, but that involves removing an oxygen mask and gasping out the words. Considering the flat-line sound that follows those words, we should definitely be worried about this guy.
  • Palmer is serious but absolutely fine otherwise.
  • We first see Abby seated amidst the rubble, but she at least doesn't look terribly injured. Just sad that bad things are happening.
  • Abby's survival is definitely a good thing, as far as Gibbs is concerned.
  • Tony and Ziva look to be having a fair amount of trouble in their damaged elevator. Of course, putting Tony and Ziva together in an enclosed space means that we're in for as much flirting as danger. And this video certainly doesn't disappoint in that respect. Will things move further from here? Probably not. But it's nice to dream.
  • Gibbs definitely does not think this is some kind of joke.
  • I really wouldn't want to be the bomber at this point. Gibbs is taking it personally, which means a rain of hurt will be pouring down on that bad person.
  • Not to alarm anybody, but it is worth pointing out that there is one major absence, post-bombing, of a character. Did anyone see McGee anywhere? Is this on purpose? Or did he just miss out on the promo footage?

Whatever the case, we will find out when NCIS returns for season 10 on Tuesday, September 25 at 8pm on CBS.

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